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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
Genre: Rock / Pop Punk
Sounds like: Evans Blue and Paramore
Current Album: The Inevitability of a Strange world
Official Site:

Halifax has a great sound and progession from song to song. They are a fast band with alot of energy filled lyrics and guitar rifs. Their type of music makes it really hard not to just start singing at the top of your lungs. Halifax is a great band to add to your rotation of music. Their album, The Inevitability of a Strange World, is out in stores now. My favorite song off the album is Anthem For Tonight.

by: The Audition

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Boys Night Out Up With Me

In 1966, No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: “Paperback Writer,” The Beatles.

See everybody watching and passing judgment
on every little move and decision I make.

lyrics from Bullet With A Name by Nonpoint
Today’s Daily Dose was created by: Anthony Danko 2007

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Boys Night Out – Up With Me music video

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Here is Boy Night Out‘s new music video Up With Me:

Once again, listen to these new tracks:

Lorene Drive – Second Nature, off their new upcoming album

Mae – Brink Of Disaster, off their latest album

Boys Night Out – Brothers, a B-side from their latest album

Counterfit – The Short Weekend Begins With Longing, a new song off their new upcoming CD/DVD

The Confession – Requiem, stream their upcoming full album

Panic! At The Disco – Tonight Tonight, a Smashing Pumpkins cover song

Straylight Run – The Needle The Space, stream their complete upcoming album


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Madina Lake

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Genre: Rock, Alternative, Punk
Sounds like: Taking Back Sunday, Boys Night Out, Muse
Current Album: From Them, Through Us, To You
Official Site:

I’m not sure where I first heard of Madina Lake, but they quickly impressed me. Their sound is motivating and moving. It’s the type of music that makes you feel productive. Make sure to check out tracks Now Or Never, and One Last Kiss. Madina Lake is scheduled to tour on Linkin Park’s Projekt Revolution Tour this summer. Make sure to check them out!

by: BlessTheFall

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Saosin You’re Not Alone

Thirty years ago today Alice Cooper’s boa constrictor, a co-star of his live act suffered a fatal bite from a rat it was being fed for breakfast. Cooper held auditions for a replacement and a snake named ‘Angel’ got the gig. Now that’s pretty crazy.

My mouth will overflow with your evil soul and I’ll be convulsing for days in this hole bubbling at the lips that you used to love to kiss

lyrics from Your Evil Soul by The Spill Canvas
Today’s Daily Dose was created by: Anthony Montalbano 2007

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Boys Night Out will be headling an East Coast tour this July with artists Emanuel, June, and Olympia. The current dates of the tour are as follows:
07/06/2007 Revolution Hall, Troy, New York
07/07/2007 The Buffalo Icon, Buffalo, New York
07/08/2007 Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
07/09/2007 Webster Theatre,Connecticut
07/10/2007 The Knitting Factory, New York, New York
07/11/2007 Axis, Boston, Massachusetts
07/13/2007 Peppermint Beach Club, Virginia Beach, Virginia
07/15/2007 The Casbah, Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, North Carolina
07/17/2007 Orpheum, Tampa, Florida
07/18/2007 The Social, Orlando, Florida

Boys Night Out
will be touring with Scary Kids Scaring Kids in August. No dates have been released yet. Make sure to check out BNO’s upcoming self-titled album, to be released on June 26th.

Here’s some news about recent tracklistings for upcoming albums:

Boys Night Out – Boys Night Out
01. Get Your Head Straight
02. Swift and Unforgiving
03. The Push and Pull
04. Up With Me
05. The Heirs of Error
06. Let Me Be Your Swearword
07. Hey, Thanks
08. Fall For The Drinker
09. Apartment 4
10. Reason Ain’t Our Long Suit
11. It Won’t Be Long

Straylight Run – The Needle The Space
01) The Words We Say
02) The Miracle That Never Came
03) Soon We’ll be Living in the Future
04) How Do I Fix My Head
05) Who Will Save Us Now
06) Cover Your Eyes
07) We’ll Never Leave Again
08) Take It To Manhattan
09) Still Alone
10) This is the End
11) Buttoned Down
12) Track #12
13) The First of This Century

Various Artists – Warped Tour 2007 Compilation
Disc 1
Alkaline Trio – “Fire Down Below”
Bad Religion – “Requiem for Dissent”
Killswitch Engage – “The Arms of Sorrow”
As I Lay Dying – “Confined”
Cute Is What We Aim For – “Lyrical Lies (electric)”
Big D and The Kids Table – “Steady Riot”
Tiger Army – “Afterworld”
I Am Ghost – “Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps”
Norma Jean – “Songs Sound Much Sadder”
The Matches – “Little Maggots”
Only Crime – “Take Me”
LoveHateHero – “Amity”
Amber Pacific – “Summer (In B)”
Buck-O-Nine – “I’m Not Dead”
Street Dogs – “Fading American Dream”
The Briggs – “Song of Babylon”
Escape the Fate – “Reverse This Curse”
Gallows – “Rolling with the Punches”
Madina Lake – “House of Cards”
Haste the Day – “Akeldema”
Blessthefall – “Could Tell a Love”
Guff – “Sympathy of Voices”
Set Your Goals – “This Song Is Definitely Not About a Girl”
My American Heart – “The Shake (Awful Feeling)”
Mayday Parade – “Black Cat”

Disc 2

The Used – “The Ripper ”
Poison The Well – “Letter Thing”
Chiodos – “To Trixie and Reptile, Thanks for Everything”
Bayside – “Duality”
Paramore – “This Circle”
Gogol Bordello – “60 Revolutions”
Aiden – “We Sleep Forever”
Vanna – “The Things He Carried”
The Human Abstract – “Mea Culpa”
Ryan’s Hope – “Killing Through Song”
Meg & Dia – “Monster”
Bedouin Soundclash – “Until We Burn In The Sun (The Kids Just Want Love Song)”
Smoke or Fire – “The Patty Hearst Syndrome”
The Casualties – “In It for Life”
The Toasters – “You’re Gonna Pay”
The Higher – “Insurance?”
Piebald – “Oh, The Congestion”
Blinded Black – “Under The Sunrise”
Greeley Estates – “The End of All We Know”
Strung Out – “Calling”
Parkway Drive – “Smoke ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em”
The Unseen – “At Point Blank”
Olympia – “M-80”
Tokyo Rose – “A Pound of Silver Is Worth Its Weight in Blood”
Mad Caddies – “State of Mind”

Motion City Soundtrack – Even If It Kills Me
01. Fell In Love Without You
02. This Is For Real
03. It Had To Be You
04. Last Night
05. Calling All Cops
06. Can’t Finish What You Started
07. The Conversation
08. Broken Heart
09. Hello Helicopter
10. Where I Belong
11. Point Of Extinction
12. Antonia
13. Even If It Kills Me

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Boys Night Out

Hometown: Burlington, ON
Genre: Rock, Post Hardcore, Alternative
Sounds like: Brand New, Taking Back Sunday
Current Album: Trainwreck
Official Site:

Boys Night Out has been through a lot in their short career. It’s amazing to see how this band has progressed over time and evolved into a band that is well respected and deserved. Boys Night Out spilled a lot about the band in their DVD Dude You Need To Stop Dancing. The raw emotional rollercoaster the members of BNO has gone through show deeply in their music. If you’re new to Boys Night Out you must go pick up Trainwreck and listen to it from beginning to end as a vast and intricate story unfolds. Never has an album captured me such as this one, involving you into a story. I would love to see this CD wrapped into a featured film…maybe….one day. As for now check out their newly released EP Fifty Million People Can’t Be Wrong and get ready for yet another release this summer with their self titled album coming out. They recently posted a new song of their new album on their myspace Swift and Unforgiving.

by: Between The Trees

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Bleeding Through Line In The Sand

In 2001 Neutrino, one half of U.K. chart-topping dance act Oxide & Neutrino, is arrested by police after he is shot in Central London. Neutrino suffers a flesh wound and takes himself to the hospital, where police are alerted to his injuries. The 19-year-old performer is later released on bail.

I found telling you the truth the hardest thing to get out

lyrics from Grey by Yellowcard
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Daily Dose #6

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Blackout

Hometown: Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, UK
Genre: Rock, Screamo, Punk
Sounds like: Chiodos, Funeral For A Friend
Current Album: Blackout Blackout Blackout
Official Site:

I found this band from an old band I used to listen to, When Reason Sleeps. About 2 years ago When Reason Sleeps broke up and their 2 lead sings each started new bands, The Blackout and The Guns. Personally, I love the power rock of The Blackout. Every song is full of energy and blood curling screams. Their short 7 track EP is amazing, atleast. Some of my favorite tracks include Murder In The Make Believe Ballroom, You And Your Friends vs. Me and the Revolution, and It’s High Tide Baby.

by: Crackjaw

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Boys Night Out I Got Punched in the Nose for Sticking My Face in Other People’s Business

In 1999, the online song-lyric auction Hits Under the Hammer comes to a close, with sales exceeding expectations. The British-organized auction, at, raises nearly $67,000 for the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy and Norwood Ravenswood children’s charities. The highest bid goes to the lyrics for “Please” by U2’s Bono, at $3,600.

In a picture perfect scenery I’ve become a stick figure illustration.

lyrics from Casting Such A Thin Shadow by Underoath
Today’s Daily Dose was created by: Anthony Montalbano 2007

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