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Once again, listen to these new tracks:

Lorene Drive – Second Nature, off their new upcoming album

Mae – Brink Of Disaster, off their latest album

Boys Night Out – Brothers, a B-side from their latest album

Counterfit – The Short Weekend Begins With Longing, a new song off their new upcoming CD/DVD

The Confession – Requiem, stream their upcoming full album

Panic! At The Disco – Tonight Tonight, a Smashing Pumpkins cover song

Straylight Run – The Needle The Space, stream their complete upcoming album


Sit back and acquaint yourself to new music by the following artists:

Lorene Drive – Show Bones, a new song of their upcoming album

Strata – Stay Young, off their new album Strata Presents The End Of The World

Alkaline Trio – Fire Down Below, off of the Warped Tour Compilation

Tokyo Rose – A Pound Of Silver and We Can Be Friends Tonight, 2 songs off their new album Promise In Compromise

Silverstein – If You Could See Into My Soul, off their new album Arrivals and Departures

The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Jay Walking Backwards, off their new album Mongrel

Bedlight For Blue Eyes – Whole Again, a new song off their new album Life On Life’s Terms

Ruiner – Kiss That M’fer Goodnight, off their upcoming album Prepare To Be Let Down

Justin Smith(guitar) has officially quit/retired from Lorene drive! Below is his official statement to all of you:

Hey Everyone,

The past few months have been a crazy time for me. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. During this time, I came to a realization that my goals with Lorene drive have been met. Which ultimately led me to making the decision to retire.

I just want all of you to know that I enjoyed every single second I had in Lorene drive. I am a really lucky individual. All the great people and bands I met and made long lasting relationships with, I will never forget that. I love you all, and I’m going to miss everyone!! Me and Lorene drive are still friends and there is no bad blood or hard feelings. I wish them the best and know they will conquer the world!!! If you want to ask me a question or just keep in touch my profile is still the same and my email is:

Thank you for all the memories and making my dreams a reality!!


And here’s an update on their upcoming album:

We would like for all of you to know that we are home writting album #2, and gearing up for alot more touring!! The new album is sounding amazing so far and we await the day we get to share it with the world!


Daily Dose #9

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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Lorene Drive

Hometown: Victorville, CA
Genre: Rock, Post Hardcore, Punk
Sounds like: Senses Fail, The Audition, Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Current Album: Romantic Wealth
Official Site:

Lorene Drive has been around for a while and I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about them. They debut album Romantic Wealth is full of energy and rock. Songs such as A Song In The Key Of Sex and Lip Service will definitely get you moving. They’ve been touring, but recently mentioned that they’ve recorded 3 new songs of an upcoming album they look to release later this year.

by: Red

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Senses Fail Calling All Cars

Nearly 10 years ago today it was reported that a boat carrying Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood burst into flames just days before the Brazilian leg of the band’s Bridges to Babylon tour. Wood is aboard a small pleasure craft exploring islands south of Rio de Janeiro when one of the boat’s engines catches fire. Nearby journalists rescue the 11 passengers.

She loves salting my wounds
Yes, she enjoys nothing more

lyrics from Polygraph, Right Now by The Spill Canvas
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