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Saturday, June 30, 2007

City Sleeps

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Genre: Rock / Pop / Progressive
Sounds like: Hopesfall
Current Album: Not An Angel
Official Site:

This band is a great sound with fantastic energy. They recently just signed with Trustkill Records and is releasing their debut album, “Not An Angel,” on August 28th. My favorite songs on the album is Prototype and the title track Not An Angel. They also have slower songs on the album I really like. One in particular is the song Walker’s Ridge.

by: Bullet For My Valentine

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Ashes Of Soma Emancipate

In 1996, Neil Young premieres his album, “Broken Arrow” via the Internet. The album is slated for release on July 2, two days after its technologically advanced premiere.

Let it roll of your back
And let it slip off your tongue

lyrics from Goodbye Almond Eyes by Tokyo Rose
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MxPx New Song Teaser

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MxPx will be posting a new song off “Secret Weapon” on Sunday Night:

“We are now two and a half weeks away from our new album, “Secret Weapon” which hits stores on July 17th. Once again we are giving you another taste of the album with a new song from the album on Sunday night at 11:59 PM/EST, 8:59 PM/PST! Go to and be one of the first to hear the new song!”


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In a recent myspace post it has become apparent that Bert McCracken, The Used, has just been advised to undergo surgery due to the fact that he has developed a node on one of his vocal chords. Consequently, the band has been forced to cancel their shows on all upcoming dates during June and July, including the Van’s Warped Tour. Doctors have recommended treatment as well as rest without singing and are expecting a full recovery. He will be able to sing again in about five weeks.

The band is incredibly disappointed but promised to return to touring in the USA in early September with headlining dates. “Kevin Lyman and the Van’s Warped tour have been amazing supporters of our band and we are truly saddened that we won’t be able to perform on this year’s tour,” states Quinn Allman, The Used?s guitarist. We hope to have new tour details ready for release shortly.


Emery Acoustic Tour Details

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Post-hardcore band, Emery plans on touring this July playing an acoustic set. They will be headlining the concert with Ruth and Surrogate. All bands are signed to Tooth & Nail. Here are the list of dates for the tour.

29 Jun 2007 17:00 Creation East @ Agape Farm Shirleysburg, Pennsylvania
30 Jun 2007 19:30 Cornerstone Festival Marietta, Illinois
1 Jul 2007 19:00 Underground Cafe South Bend, Indiana
2 Jul 2007 19:00 Rocketown Nashville, Tennessee
3 Jul 2007 19:00 The Handlebar Greenville, South Carolina
4 Jul 2007 19:00 Murray Hill Theatre Jacksonville, Florida
5 Jul 2007 19:00 The Social Orlando, Florida
6 Jul 2007 19:00 The Theatre Montgomery, Alabama
7 Jul 2007 19:00 Juanita’s Cantina Little Rock, Arkansas
9 Jul 2007 19:00 White Rabbit San Antonio, Texas
10 Jul 2007 19:00 The Door Dallas, Texas
11 Jul 2007 19:00 The Other Side Tulsa, Oklahoma
12 Jul 2007 19:00 The Foundry Joplin, Missouri
13 Jul 2007 19:00 House of Bricks Des Moines, Iowa
14 Jul 2007 16:00 Lifest @ Sunnyview Fairgrounds Oshkosh, Wisconsin
16 Jul 2007 19:00 Club 3 Degress Minneapolis, Minnesota
17 Jul 2007 19:00 House of Rock @ Playmaker’s Fargo, North Dakota
18 Jul 2007 19:00 What’s Up Lounge Mankato, Minnesota
19 Jul 2007 19:00 Granada Theater Lawrence, Kansas
20 Jul 2007 19:00 The Rock Pappillion, Nebraska
21 Jul 2007 19:00 Graceland University Lamoni, Iowa
26 Jul 2007 14:00 Creation West @ The Gorge Amphitheatre George, Washington
1 Aug 2007 17:00
Soulfest @ Gunstock Mountain Resort Gilford, New Hampshire 11 Aug 2007 17:00
Rock The Desert @ RTD Encampment Odessa, Texas
24 Aug 2007 20:00 Hard Rock Live Mexico City, Distrito Federal
25 Aug 2007 20:00 Cafe Iguana Monterrey, Nuevo Le?n
1 Sep 2007 17:00 Revelation Generation @ Revelation Farms Frenchtown, New Jersey
28 Sep 2007 19:15 Cornerstone California Festival @ Oak Canyon Ranch Irvine, California


Bullet For My Valentine Not To Play With Metallica

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Bullet for My Valentine have been forced to pull out of their upcoming support slot with Metallica at Wembley stadium on July 8 as well as their own ‘secret’ Jeff Killed John show on July 3. According to an official statement, frontman Matt Tuck was due to have a tonsillectomy mid July but, due to unforeseen complications, the operation had to be brought forward at the advice of his doctor. “Matt is recovering well but has been ordered not to sing for a minimum four week period, which means that the band have no choice but not to play the shows listed above,” says the statement. “If I’d known my tonsils were going to cause me to miss shows like these I’d have fucking ripped them out myself long ago,” says Tuck. “I am totally gutted at not being able to play these shows and the only consolation the boys and I can take from it is that we are now fully focused on the album and we’ll be back in the studio as soon as the doctors say I can sing again. I truly can’t wait for you fuckers to hear it!” Bullet’s as yet untitled new album will be released through Sony BMG in September. [via Kerrang]

After all the hype over his recent engagement announcement, Gerard Way has shared with Kerrang! magazine that his band, My Chemical Romance plan to start working on a new album, the follow-up to The Black Parade. “It feels like it’s about the right time to be making a new record,” says Way. “Maybe that’s because ‘The Black Parade’ was talked about for so long before it was released, but it feels like that album’s been out for a long time now. It’s only been eight months but we’re already on our fourth single and we’ve played a lot of shows. ‘The Black Parade’ was the kind of record that you make but don’t necessarily have a burning desire to perform because its creation was almost the point,” he adds. “It was such an intense experience to make it, that there was almost a feeling of wanting to move on as soon as we released it. It was so artistically ambitious that it made us want to keep on creating.”

As details are released will keep you posted with the latest.


Thrice parts ways with Island Records

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Thrice posted the following to myspace, sharing the departure with Island Records:

We just wanted to let you all know that we?ve decided to part ways with Island Records. Over the past couple of years, we?ve realized that we have different visions for the band?s future and we both agree that we?d be better off going our separate ways at this point. We?re very grateful for all the help and support they?ve given us for the past four years. Thankfully, they?ve been generous enough to let us keep the record we?re currently recording, and we?re hopeful that this change in plans won?t delay its release. We?re currently in the process of finding a new home, and will let you all know once we do so.

As with every twist and turn of our careers, we made this decision based on trust and belief: belief in what we?re creating and our future, and trust in each other and you all as fans.

We?re excited to finish this album, get it out later this year, go on tour this fall with one of our favorite bands, and for everything our future holds.

Thank you all for your love and support, it means the world to us.

Dustin, Riley, Teppei, and Ed


Bleed The Dream Robbed

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Bleed The Dream‘s trailer was stolen with a lot of their gear and merch. What is up with band’s trailer’s being stolen? This is ridiculous. See if you can help these guys out. Here’s their myspace post:

So…………Our trailer was stolen 4 days before warped tour with a lot of our gear and merch in it. If you live in or around the LA/San Fernando Valley, be on the lookout for the following things.

*4×12 Mesa Boogie Cabinet with MAPHIA spray painted on it
*6×10 Mesa Boogie Bass Cabinet that’s missing a wheel
*Road case with 2 Berringer headphone amps and multiple Monster Cables
*Huge road case that holds head, cab, and guitar
*Purple Ibanez AE Acoustic Electric Guitar with broken pickup.
*Ibanez Bass that has “Fuck Hollywood” carved into it
*1000’s of BTD posters
*1,000’s of BTD guitar picks and stickers
*100’s of BTD shirts
*100’s of BTD CD’s

If you run into any of this gear at a pawn shop in the valley or see someone selling mass amounts of BTD merch on ebay, please contact us via myspace. Thanks



Chiodos – Bone Palace Ballet Almost Finished

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On a recent myspace post, Craig Owens of Chiodos, has filled us in on their current progress of their new album, Bone Palace Ballet. The album is to be released on September 4th.

Brad and I are in the studio finishing up the rest of Bone Palace Ballet here in Lexington, KY. I just wanted to let everyone know how excited we all are about the masterpiece that we have made. Also, that it is very, very close to being finished! – Craig