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Atreyu – Lead Sails Paper Anchor Tracklisting

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Atreyu‘s upcoming album Lead Sails Paper Anchor is scheduled to be released on August 28th. The record was produced by John Feldmann (The Used, Good Charlotte). Here is the tracklisting :

1 – Doomsday
2 – Honor
3 – Falling Down
4 – Becoming the Bull
5 – Slow Burn
6 – Two Become One
7 – No One Cares
8 – Can’t Happen Here
9 – Lose it
10 – “Blow
11 – Lead Sails (and a Paper Anchor)


Every Avenue Signs With Fearless

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Every Avenue (Marysville, Michigan) has signed with Fearless records. They will be releasing a EP on August 14th, titled Ah! Here’s Every Avenue’s reaction:

We are really excited to be part of Fearless Records. We are a hardworking band and we are glad it has paid off. We realize that this is a life changing experience and we are ready to work even harder. We are looking forward to the release of our new EP. This album shows our growth as a band. We are excited to be out on the road playing these songs and meeting fans,” Every Avenue.

Make sure to check them out on their upcoming tour:
06.20.07 – La Crosse, WI @ The Warehouse
06.21.07 – Rochester, MN @ Midwest Skatepark
06.22.07 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
06.23.07 – Burnsville, MN @ The Garage
06.24.07 – Madison, WI @ The Annex (18+)
06.25.07 – Neenah, WI @ The Hub
06.26.07 – Berwyn, IL @ The Nite Light Caf?
06.27.07 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The DAAC
06.28.07 – Roseville, MI @ Myspace Internet Caf?
06.30.07 – Detroit, MI @ St. Andrews Hall
07.04.07 – Ann Arbor, MI @ The Blind Pig
07.05.07 – Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar
07.07.07 – Warren, MI @ Jonas Stock at GS360
07.08.07 – Clinton Township, MI @ The Rusty Nail
07.10.07 – Warren, MI @ GS360
07.20.07 – Sandusky, MI @ The Potato Extravaganza at The Beacon
07.21.07 – Midlothian, IL @ JT Music
07.24.07 – Lansing, MI @ Mac’s07.25.07 – Warren, MI @ GS360
07.26.07 – Port Huron, MI @ Club Dash


Linkin Park’s Chester’s Side Project Update

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Chester Bennington’s side project Dead By Sunrise has been put off for now to tour and promote for Linkin Park. He says they’re a few years into the project, but Linkin Park comes first. Here’s what Chester had to say:

I was actually pretty deep into recording my other project, called Dead By Sunrise, and we were really far into the record,” he said. “And then, you know, LP got together and we all decided that we wanted to make a record and start as soon as possible. So Linkin Park takes the lead, you know what I mean? So I stopped working on the record and I’ll be finishing it up while we’re touring over these next couple of years, and it’ll be ready to go out.

Oasis will hit the studios July 3rd to start recording their 7th studio album. They hope to have it finished recording by the end of the year and have it released as well as a tour next summer. Stay tuned for further details.


Trapt Post New Song & New Album Update

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Trapt as posted a new song “Stay Alive” on The new song will be featured on their live album, set to be released on August 21st. They plan to start recording a new album later this year. Trapt also plans on releasing 9 live videos online to their fans for free. For more information check out the exclusive interview at

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
Genre: Rock / Pop Punk
Sounds like: Evans Blue and Paramore
Current Album: The Inevitability of a Strange world
Official Site:

Halifax has a great sound and progession from song to song. They are a fast band with alot of energy filled lyrics and guitar rifs. Their type of music makes it really hard not to just start singing at the top of your lungs. Halifax is a great band to add to your rotation of music. Their album, The Inevitability of a Strange World, is out in stores now. My favorite song off the album is Anthem For Tonight.

by: The Audition

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Boys Night Out Up With Me

In 1966, No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: “Paperback Writer,” The Beatles.

See everybody watching and passing judgment
on every little move and decision I make.

lyrics from Bullet With A Name by Nonpoint
Today’s Daily Dose was created by: Anthony Danko 2007

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Atreyu title new album Lead Sails Paper Anchor

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Atreyu has officially titled their upcoming album Lead Sails Paper Anchor and have set a release date of August 28th, 2007. Lead Sails Paper Anchor is the bands fourth album and major label debut on Hollywood Records. Recently the band posted a game on their website featuring the first single off the album, ?Becoming the Bull.? The game challenges their fans to put ?Becoming the Bull? back together, with the fastest time winning a prize package that includes an autographed guitar and a copy of the album before it hits the streets. Atreyu will hit the road this summer with Korn and Evanescence on the Family Values tour.

Listen to the new song, Becoming The Bull, at


Studio Update: Knights In Paris

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In a recent post on myspace by Knights In Paris:

So I figured it was time to catch some of you up to speed as to where Nick and I (Mike) are at. I’ve been on tour for the past week or so, but before I left we were able to get a bunch of progress done. It’s been a little hard sometimes for us to physically get together with both of us doing our other bands, but we’ve been making it happen, sometimes even over the phone we end up writing haha. Right now we’ve got some really great material shaping up. Before I left we finished a new jam that Nick and I are really excited about, and since I left for tour we have another one in the works that is definitely gonna be something new for both of us, I guess I could describe it as a lot more on the dancier side. But so far what we have has a lot of variety which is what I always like to strive for. While I’m on tour these couple weeks I’ll be working on writing lyrics a bunch, I already have a good amount done and it’s coming together well.

Lastly, as for recording. We’ve been doing home demos on Nick’s computer. They work for the time being, but are not something we’d wanna release as our actual tracks. So given that, we’re going to shoot to head into the studio sometime in August to lay down i’d hope at least 4 to 6 songs and then we’ll have something for all of you to hear. In the mean time, we’ll see if we can get at least a snipet of something for you to hear that we’ve done up here so you can kinda have an idea where this is going.


(p.s. If any of you have any questions or just wanna shoot the shit, Nick and I will try to answer this page as much as we possibly can)

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Hometown: Nashville, TN
Genre: Rock / Progressive
Sounds like: Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin
Current Album: End of Silence
Official Site:

This band really rocks it. Their album “End of Silence” is a combination of industrial, classical and hard rock that offers a beacon of hope for an ever-growing army of fans. “End of Silence” has sold more than 100,000 copies, the band has already scored their first Grammy nomination, reached the top 10 on R&R’s active rock charts for national airplay. RED is spending 2007 attacking concert halls for over 250 shows, joining forces with hard-hitters like Flyleaf, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Sevendust. If I dont say so myself,they have great energy and fantastic stage presence for a new band and definitely can hold their own.

by: Hopesfall

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Disturbed Prayer

In 1995, Rod Stewart sets an attendance record for Wembley Stadium with a concert crowd of 90,000. The 1985 Live Aid concert drew 72,000.

Cause I’ve seen love die
Way too many times

lyrics from Emergency by Paramore
Today’s Daily Dose was created by: Anthony Danko 2007

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Music Video: Project 86 – Evil

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To start off their new upcoming album, Project 86 has launched their first music video from a song of the new album, Rival Factions. The song is called Evil (A Chorus Of Resistance). Check it out below: