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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Eyes Set To Kill

Hometown: Chandler, AZ
Genre: Screamo, Rock, Acoustic
Sounds like: Meg & Dia, A Skylit Drive
Current Album: When Silence Is Broken The Night Is Torn
Official Site:

It’s rare that I come by a band that immediately catches my attention. Eyes Set To Kill has done that for me. They’ve crossed so many popular music styles today that makes it their own. Gut tearing screams woven delicately with an angel’s voice couldn’t have sounded any better. Eyes Set To Kill has it. I recently found out that their lead vocalist, Lindsay, has left the band on personal matters. The band has started a search process for a new vocalist. I’m not sure how this is going to effect the quickly developing band. We can only wait and see. Either way they’re all talented musicians and I can’t wait to see where they could go. Check out tracks Darling and Liar In The Glass.

by: Hawthorne Heights

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Valencia The Space Between

In 1977 today, the BBC announced a ban on the new Sex Pistols single ‘God Save The Queen’ saying its, “in gross bad taste”. And the IBA issued a warning to all radio stations saying the playing the single would be in breach of Section 4:1:A of the Broadcasting act. The single reached No.2 on the UK chart. A year before the Sex Pistols ban, The Who gave themselves a place in the Guinness book of Records as the loudest performance of a rock band at 120 decibels, when they played at Charlton Athletic Football ground.

My fingertips tap polyrhythms like nervous fragments from a nervous mouth

lyrics from The Rival Cycle by The Receiving End Of Sirens
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The Fall Of Troy – Phantom On The Horizon (follow-up to Manipulator)

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The Fall Of Troy just released Manipulator a few weeks ago and yet they’re already speaking up about their next album, Phantom On The Horizon. Drummer, Andrew Forsman, made a statement about Manipulator, ?We definitely wanted to explore a little more of the song-writing aspect than just putting a bunch of crazy riffs together. I mean, obviously, we?re getting older always. I think–definitely, we didn?t want to do the same album we did last time.”

Manipulator was produced by Matt Bayles and it looks like he’ll be producing their next album Phantom On The Horizon. ?Working with him was great, he?s just an awesome dude?he won?t let you suck?when we heard he was interested, we were really happy. I think we?re going to do our next album with him and he?ll probably be a bit more involved in the songwriting,” quotes Forsman.

Specifically detailing Phantom On The Horizon, ?We?ve done some demos of those songs but I think we?re going to go through and change them up a little. the plan is to redo the Ghostship Demos and we?ll probably end up writing a couple more songs, we?ve been writing a little bit right before we left [for the Deftones tour].?

No date has been released for Phantom On The Horizon, but you can look forward to another album by The Fall Of Troy in the not so distant future. It’s rare that a band looks forward so quickly after a release, but at the same time dedication and determination is proof. As for now enjoy the beauty behind Manipulator and prepare yourself for Phantom On The Horizon.


The Devil Wears Prada features Craig Owens (Chiodos)

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Craig Owens, lead singer of Chiodos, gives us an update on the progress of their upcoming album, Bone Palace Ballet, as well as him being featured on the upcoming The Devil Wears Prada album. Read more in his post below:

i am safely here in Lexington, Kentucky writing and recording the new Chiodos record Bone Palace Ballet. we have been here for a week now, and will be until around June 25th. we couldn’t be having more fun if we tried, and everything is coming along so beautifully with the new record. a masterpiece from/in our own minds.

i am currently reading Chucky P’s(Chuck Palahniuk) new book “Rant”, which I believe to be his best novel so far. i suggest that you go pick it up from your local bookstore (preferably a locally owned bookstore) and indulge for a bit.

today, i drive to indiana to see my entourage(the devil wears prada), and to sing a bit on their new record(which by the way, rules!).

so to close this novel of a news post…

have a great memorial weekend everyone, and smile twice for me today!



Rockstar Get A Life Tour: The Used, The Bled….

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The Rockstar Get A Life Tour currently features The Used, The Bled, Say Anything, and Street Drum Corps. The tour will be featured a different colleges across the nation encouraging kids to get a job by create a concert/job fair. No specific dates have been set yet, but be on the lookout between September 1st through October 15th. You can get more info from their website.

Here we go:

Hawthorne Heights – Come Back Home, a new demo track

Circa Survive – On Letting Go, their entire new album up for free stream

Still Remains – The Wax Walls Of An Empty Room, a new song of their upcoming album

Portugal. The Man – 4 new songs, yeah, here’s 4 new songs off their upcoming release, Church Mouth

Project 86 – Put Your Lips To The TV, a new song off their upcoming album Rival Factions

The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Godfather, a new song off their upcoming album, Mongrel

Silverstein – If You Could See Into My Soul, off their upcoming album Arrivals and Departures

There ya go, that should get your head smilin’


Studio Update: As I Lay Dying – An Ocean Between Us

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As I Lay Dying has given us new light on their upcoming album, such as the title, An Ocean Between Us, and a new bass player. Read more in their post:

We just got back from our recent tour and it’s good to be home where we’ll start hearing the final mixes for our new record. The new album is called “AN OCEAN BETWEEN US” and it is currently being mixed by Colin Richardson. It’s been a great experience working with Colin. So far he’s done a great job and I know it’s not easy trying to make all of us happy! For those of you who haven’t heard, the ablum was produced by Adam D. out here in our home town of San Diego. We also want to thanks Adam for the long days and nights that he put into this recording.

Regarding the new CD… I know a lot of you have been asking what is going on with the bass guitar. So, to make it official (and clear up any rumors), here’s the story:

While we were writing for the new CD, Clint decided that it was time for him to pursue a career that he will be doing for the rest of his life. He got married about a month ago and now he’s going to school to prepare for new things at home. All of us are very happy for him and we had a great time at his wedding last month.

The situation was good timing for all of us. We were between tours and writing the new material. The four of us (Phil, Nick, Jordan and I) felt good about songwriting since nothing in that process would change whether Clint was in the band or not.

Shortly after we had finished writing, we had a chance to finish trying out new guys. Josh Gilbert ended up not only being the tightest bass player with the best voice, but he also has become a good friend in the time that we’ve spent with him on tour together. Josh played and sang phenomenally on the new recording and it feels good to have the person performing on our record be the same person who will be singing those songs live.



Element Eighty Returns

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Element Eighty has announced that they will be returning to the rock world despite calling it quits. They have begun to work on a new studio album with the hopes of 2008 release date. They also hopes to start touring this December.


Major Record Labels Bashing (featuring Bob Lefsetz)

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Trent Reznor has made it very clear his thoughts and feelings about the major record companies and he isn’t the only taking this stand. Recently in an editorial Bob Lefsetz had very similar feelings.

Lefsetz goes into detail on why to not sign with a major recording label. With such reasons as “They Tell You What To Do”, “They Don’t Pay”, “They Just Care SOMETHING Hits”, and “They Specialize In Saying No”. You can read his complete editorial right here.

Read Trent Reznor’s blog thoughts
Read Trent Reznor’s interview

Velvet Revolver and Alice In Chains will be on tour this summer in the US and Canada. Sparta will also be on tour with them as their opening act. Velvet Revolver‘s frontman, Scott Weiland had the following to say about touring with Alice In Chains, “They’re good friends of ours, and obviously they have amazing songs, people have been saying the shows were amazing, and they were drawing some pretty big crowds, so we figured it would be kind of a cool gig. It would be fun to watch them play every night and listen to those songs.”

Velvet Revolver
also mentioned that the audience will be hearing a whole new Velvet Revolver, with them finishing up their upcoming album, Libertad. You should expect to hear a lot of new stuff.

Alice In Chains recently re-formed to for a tour last fall 2006. Since then this will be their second tour in a long time. No other details have been released on the status of Alice In Chains outside of this upcoming tour.

No tour dates or locations have been scheduled yet, but we should hopefully hear very soon. You can read more about the story here.


Studio Update: Theory Of A Deadman

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Theory Of A Deadman has posted a blog on the update of their new album. They say that the written process is almost complete and they how to hit the studio very soon. Read more:

Hey Everyone,

It’s the Theory boys here, we just wanted to update our loyal fans
about all that’s going on with us. The new record is almost written
and we should be headed into the studio very soon. We are so excited
for all of you to hear it. The songs are turning out great! On
another note, Brent Fitz will no longer be the bands’ touring
drummer, the band and him have parted ways. We will always remain
friends with Brent forever. Theory of Deadman will always do what’s
best for our fans, and we always want to put out the best records
and have the best shows possible. This Theory record is going to be
the best yet. Thanks for all of your unwaivering support!
Love you guys. Rock and Roll!