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Taste of Chaos 2008 (Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, and Atreyu)

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With the title track from their upcoming album, “Scream Aim Fire,” already blazing at Rock Radio, the Welsh metal-core band BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE announces that they will join forces with Avenged Sevenfold and Atreyu on the Main Stage for “Taste of Chaos,” 2008. The tour kicks off Friday, February 29 in Denver, CO, and will play more than 40 cities in the U.S. and Canada through to late April. The UK’s Kerrang! magazine recently cited a Bullet show at London’s Brixton Academy as one of the “100 Greatest Gigs Ever,” so U.S. fans should be in for a string of sensational performances.

The “Taste of Chaos” dates will be the first North American tour for Bullet For My Valentine since early 2007 when they sold out their first headline tour this side of “the Pond.” Just prior to “Taste of Chaos,” B4MV will play three weeks-worth of headline dates in the UK and Europe, including a kick-off concert in their native Wales.

Bullet For My Valentine – Matthew “Matt” Tuck/vocals, Michael “Padge” Paget/Guitar, Michael “Moose” Thomas/drums, and Jason “Jay” James/Bass – saw their 2006 debut album, “The Poison” – dubbed “One of the finest debut albums in rock history” by a major UK daily – sail past the million sales mark, selling 350,000 in the U.S. alone.

“Scream Aim Fire” was produced by Colin Richardson (Machinehead, Funeral For A Friend) who also produced “The Poison,” and was recorded at Sonic Ranch near El Paso, TX earlier this year. The eleven new songs are, according to frontman Tuck, “really melodic heavy metal…catchy, hooky choruses and full-on vocals, with the music being very in-your-face and heavy…it’s a lot more uptempo [than ‘The Poison’], a lot more aggressive.” Still a week away from the official U.S. radio “add” date, the album’s title track has been the #1 Most Added track at CMJ’s Loud Rock chart, and #1 Most Added at FMQB’s Metal Detector chart.

With the Canadian dates to be announced in January, the confirmed itinerary for Bullet For My Valentine on the 2008 “Taste of Chaos” tour is as follows:

29 Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO

1 Memorial Hall, Kansas City, MO
2 Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI
4 Roy Wilkins Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN
5 Family Arena, St. Louis, MO
7 Hara Arena, Dayton, OH
8 Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI
10 The Armory, Rochester, NY
11 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL
13 Constant Convocation Center, Norfolk, VA
14 Tweeter Center, Philadelphia, PA
15 Convention Center, Asbury Park, NJ
17 Patriot Center, Washington, DC
18 Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME
20 Nassau Coliseum, Nassau, NY
21 Tsongas Arena, Boston, MA
22 The Armory, Albany, NY
24 Gwinnett Center, Atlanta, GA
25 USF Sundome, Tampa, FL
26 Bayfront Park, Miami, FL
28 USC Arena, Orlando, FL
29 Mississippi Coast Coliseum, Biloxi, MS
30 The Woodlands/Verizon, Houston, TX

1 Nokia Theatre, Dallas, TX
3 Fairgrounds Arena, Oklahoma City, OK
4 Concrete Street Amphitheatre, Corpus Christi, TX
5 Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, TX
6 County Coliseum, El Paso, TX
9 Arena, Phoenix, AZ
10 Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA
12 Event Center, San Jose, CA
13 ARCO Arena, Sacramento, CA
15 WaMu Center, Seattle, WA

Eyes Set To Kill - BrandonWe had the privilege to spend some time with Brandon of Eyes Set To Kill last night and talk about their recently cancelled tours, their upcoming album and music video as well as more tours for 2008. Listen to the interview below for an exclusive taste of their new album Reach!

Eyes Set To Kill will be releasing Reach this February 19th, 2008. Tour dates are sure to follow!

Craig Mabbitt, lead singer of Blessthefall has left band. Here is an update from the band:

Hey everyone!

As some of you may know, and might find this to be a shock, we have parted ways with our vocalist Craig.

He left us mid tour out here in Europe about a week ago to be home with his child growing up and to figure out if pursuing the band thing was something he was still feeling. So, most of you may know, while he has been gone this past week and a half, we have been finishing the tour overseas with Silverstien just us 4 dudes. Since we HATE cancelling shows and we love our fans, we have decided to press on through the situation and still ROCK OUT for all ya. Jared has put down the bass just for now and has stepped it up filling in as the front man. Its been a fun week, the shows have been super intense. You guys out here are some of few that will ever get to see this hahahha.

We have decided it was better for us and better for Craig for him to just stay home and keep his heart with his little girl, who is growing up to be a little cutie, and our hearts out on the road making music together.

We DO NOT plan on throwing in the gloves though. This band was never about one member. Blessthefall was never focused around one person….we are not Dave Matthews or Avril Lavigne…we are BLESSTHEFALL, a group of fun dudes who love to play music and have fun while doing it. If you know us, you know how much we love playing music and being with our fans. I hope you all understand and respect this.

We love our fans to death. You guys are the best fans in music…in fact, our fans are more like family. We might as well call all of you our BTF family. So we need all you BTF family members to stick with us and support us 100% like you have been for the past 1..2…even 3 years if you guys have been crazy enough to be following us that long. We are not going anywhere, and I know that our loving BTF family will still be by our side through whatever stands in our way.

We have new singers in mind, obviously its not Craig, so lets get over that fact, but we have people in mind that are just as good, if not even better. We cant wait to show ya what we have up our sleeves! We are going to do just as we have been planning on doing this next year: Writing the new record while home starting this new year, big tour in Feb/March TBA, recording the new record in April/May and then hopefully Warped Tour again this summer. So be on the lookout for new songs/details/news. We hope to get some new songs/samples out as soon as we can! Hopefully by the end of January. Cant wait for you to hear the new stuff…its going to ROCK your socks off!

We don’t plan on giving up, thats why we are still out in Europe playing just us 4, we are dedicated to the band and our fans. Its fans like you that keep us going. So we expect you to not give up on us either! BTFfans4LIFE=UNITE!

Well keep ya posted!

Check back next week for the last European Tour Blog too!
With all the love
<3 Matt.Mike.Jared.Eric.BLESSTHEFALL


Bullet For My Valentine Guitar Giveaway!

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Bullet for My Valentine is getting ready to release their sophomore album,Scream Aim Fire, on January 29th. The band traveled to Texas to team up with renowned producer Colin Richardson (Machine Head, Funeral for A Friend) to create an album packed with aggressive tempos, insane guitar riffs and incredible lyrics. Bullet for My Valentine is comprised of Matthew ?Matt? Tuck (guitars, vocals), Michael ?Padge? Paget (guitar, supporting vocals), Jason Jay? James (bass, supporting vocals) and Michael ?Moose? Thomas (drums). Be sure to catch Bullet for My Valentine on their headlining tour through the UK and US starting in late January.

To celebrate the release of Scream Aim Fire, Bullet for My Valentine and Red Pill Music are giving one lucky winner a chance to win an ESP electric guitar!

Click Here To Enter The Giveaway!


Album Review: The Color Fred – Bend To Break

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When Fred Mascherino left Taking Back Sunday to pursue a solo career, many fans were skeptical that it would sound too much like TBS. But in the history of Taking Back Sunday, with only one original member remaining, three well-known side projects have come out. Jesse Lacey formed Brand New, which began as a pop/punk band, but has recently moved to indie. John Nolan formed Straylight Run, which of course is famous for their song ?Existentialism On Prom Night? which had millions of emo kids singing ?loud and out of key? for most of 2005. Now, with The Color Fred, Taking Back Sunday has officially let their best asset go.

From the get go, it is obvious that Bend To Break is not attempting to be a cheap version of Mascherino?s former band. The first single from Bend To Break is ?If I Surrender?, which sounds at first like it could be any average punk bands biggest hit. But you can?t hate the guy for being a catchy songwriter. Just look at the last two TBS albums and the songwriting credits.

But the album really picks up with the third track, ?Hate To See You Go?. It is quite possibly the best song Bend To Break has to offer, with a great arrangement of acoustic and electric guitars along with strong songwriting. And what is any pop album without a ballad? ?It Isn?t Me? soars with piano and strings, only making this heart wrenching tune radio friendly and accessible. With lines like ?just tell me that you?re sure that I mean nothing to you?, it?s hard not to feel Fred?s pain and just want to give the hairy guy a hug.

The song ?I?ll Never Know? is an acoustic song that sounds strangely familiar. It is a lot like the Taking Back Sunday song ?New American Classic? in which Mascherino shares lead vocals over picking an acoustic guitar with a small symphony in the background. But this doesn?t mean it?s a bad song. Mascherino is just taking what he did great on Where You Want To Be and applying it to his own album now.

The only low point on the album is ?The Tragedy?. It?s got a fuzzy, vintage sound to it, much like Sum 41 and My Chemical Romance have done on their latest albums. However, lasting only a minute it?s tolerable, and unlike Sum 41, it?s not in French so it?s much more enjoyable.

All in all, Bend To Break is a great debut album from a guy who knows how to write a hit. If you are a fan of fun pop rock, pick this album up. It?s worth every penny.

{Reviewed by: Matt Chesley}


Free Green Day Side Project EP

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A Green Day side project, Foxboro Hot Tubs released a free 6-track EP for download.

Click here to download the free EP

Listen to their myspace.


Former Members of I Am Ghost form Telestai

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Telestai, featuring the husband and wife team Brian Telestai and Kerith Telestai, will release their debut EP on January 1st 2008.

Brian and Kerith played bass and violin for I Am Ghost. They left the band earlier in the year.

Check out their myspace.


Bassist Leaves Senses Fail

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Mike Glita, bassist for Senses Fail, has left the band. Here is the message update from the band:

Dear Loyal Fans,

We regret to inform you today that our bassist, Mike Glita, has decided to part ways with the band. There are no hard feelings involved with his decision; Mike simply wants to move on and pursue personal ventures and feats he has put on hold for the last 5 years. We all had a good talk about it and wish him nothing but the best.

Something Mike would like to say to the fans: “Thanks to everyone who supported the band and me through ‘thick and thin’ over the past 5 ? years. You’ll be missed greatly.”

As for the four of us (Buddy, Dan, Garrett, Heath), we will continue Senses Fail and see you all next year on tour. We began the writing process last week for our follow up to Still Searching and will keep everyone up to date with videos, photos and blogs!

Again, apologies go out to the loyal fans for the bad news, but we hope you support his decision as much as we do.

-Buddy, Dan, Garrett & Heath.

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Last night Anthony & Anthony (A squared) rocked out to Evans|Blue, Framing Hanley, and No Resolve at The Machine Shop in Flint, MI. The night was opened by a local band, No Resolve, that showed so much maturity and potential for such a young group. The band has recorded a few tracks onto an EP, but Red Pill Music wasn’t able to get a copy of it at the concert, because they sold out last show! So in short, this is what we heard; No Resolve has some much involved in their music ranging from soothing melodies to explosive guitar riffs and vocals. Red Pill Music will update in the future with the progress of No Resolve. Take some Alice In Chains, Incubus, and Evans|Blue, stir it up and you have the sweet sound of No Resolve. Taste that!

Following No Resolve later in the evening was the Tennessee rockers, Framing Hanley. These guys definitely showed that their live show is just as powerful as their debut album “The Moment”.

Evans|Blue started playing around 11 p.m. and rocked a long, solid show. They played a mix of their two albums including all the singles. Also Evans|Blue played their epic movement, Painted. Meticulously pulled off, just amazing. Evans|Blue continued to play and play until nearly 1 a.m. and not a moment too soon! Overall, it was a solid rock show. Rock on! Here are some pictures:
No ResolveNo ResolveNo ResolveNo ResolveNo ResolveAnthony & Anthony with No ResolveI Love No ResolveEvans|BlueEvans|BlueEvans|BlueEvans|BlueEvans|BlueEvans|Blue and Framing HanleyFraming HanleyFraming HanleyEvans|BlueAnthony & Anthony with Framing HanleyAnthony & Anthony with Evans|Blue