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Bassist Leaves Senses Fail

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Mike Glita, bassist for Senses Fail, has left the band. Here is the message update from the band:

Dear Loyal Fans,

We regret to inform you today that our bassist, Mike Glita, has decided to part ways with the band. There are no hard feelings involved with his decision; Mike simply wants to move on and pursue personal ventures and feats he has put on hold for the last 5 years. We all had a good talk about it and wish him nothing but the best.

Something Mike would like to say to the fans: “Thanks to everyone who supported the band and me through ‘thick and thin’ over the past 5 ? years. You’ll be missed greatly.”

As for the four of us (Buddy, Dan, Garrett, Heath), we will continue Senses Fail and see you all next year on tour. We began the writing process last week for our follow up to Still Searching and will keep everyone up to date with videos, photos and blogs!

Again, apologies go out to the loyal fans for the bad news, but we hope you support his decision as much as we do.

-Buddy, Dan, Garrett & Heath.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Faber Drive

Hometown: British Columbia, Canada
Genre: Rock, Punk, New Wave
Sounds like: Fall Out Boy, The Exies, Blink 182
Current Album: Seven Second Surgery
Official Site:

Faber Drive is ultra addictive really quick. They’ve somehow manage to come out with an album where every song has a chorus so catchy its irresistible. Faber Drive a solid band that I see to making a big sound in many ears and radio stations all over. Go listen to Tongue Tied or Second Chance on their myspace, and if you’re singing one of their songs moments after its over, then don’t hesitate to pick up their debut record, Seven Second Surgery.

by: Senses Fail

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lifehouse First Time

Four years ago today the members of veteran independent rock act Dub Narcotic Sound System are involved in a car accident, forcing the hospitalization of frontman Calvin Johnson and bassist Chris Sutton.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

lyrics from Don’t Bore Us, Get To The Chorus by Emery
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Here it is, Senses Fail new music video, The Priest and The Matador:


Knights In Paris Update

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It appears that after much anticipation we will finally get to hear some demos of Knights In Paris, with vocals, and over a 20 seconds long. 🙂

Here’s a recent blog post:

Now that I’m back on the road with Senses Fail, I will still try to keep you guys updated as often as possible with what’s going down with Knights In Paris. I also will try to keep up my weekly blog posts.

So here’s what is going down in the Knights In Paris camp. While I’m on tour, Nick and I will attempt to go back to how we started this, writing from the road a bit, sending files to each other, and i’m gonna work on finishing up some vocals/lyrics for some other songs we have that I haven’t finished.

As far as posting a demo goes, we have them ready to go, I’m just trying to get the “ok” to do so. Unfortunately in the music industry, sometimes things aren’t as easy as just doing something. BUT, I promise it will be sooner than later, and we’re trying our best to make it as quick as possible.

Also as I said in another post, we’re finishing up the details on getting our Online Store together, which should be done within the next couple of weeks.

Lastly, thanks to our friend Dan, we’re also working on a lovely new Myspace Layout to go up when we release some tunes.

Hope to see you all soon,



Senses Fail To Release Still Searching Deluxe Version

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Senses Fail will release a deluxe edition of their latest album Still Searching, this November 13th. The album will include all the original tracks as well as 6 bonus track, new artwork, and a behind the scenes DVD. The album will be released courtesy of Vagrant Records. The tracklist for the deluxe edition of Still Searching is below.

Track List
1. The Rapture
2. Bonecrusher
3. Sick or Sane (Fifty for a Twenty)
4. Can’t Be Saved
5. Calling All Cars
6. Shark Attack
7. Still Searching
8. To all the Crowded Rooms
9. Lost and Found
10. Every Day is a Struggle
11. All the Best Cowboys
12. Negative Space
13. The Priest and the Matador
14. Battle Hymn*
15. Champagne*
16. Stretch Your Legs to Coffin Length*
17. Mason?s Revenge*
18. Cinco de Mayo*
19. Salvation*

*Bonus Tracks

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Glory Of This

Hometown: Pensacola, FL
Genre: Screamo, Post-Hardcore, Rock
Sounds like: Blessthefall, Emery, Pierce The Veil
Current Album: The Lover the Liar the Ruse
Official Site:

Glory Of This has been around for awhile, releasing two albums, Adoration and their recent release The Lover, The Liar, The Ruse. I know I posted their myspace and I know they don’t have any tracks up their, but I suggest you check out their purevolume site. Glory Of This has a great blend of melodic singing and hard screams that is sure to impress you. I really love songs such as Circle Yes or No, Flip For It, and Where I Am Now. I wasn’t able to find out much more about the band, whether they’re still around or not, but I do hope they are. Great music.

by: Misery Signals

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Senses Fail Can’t Be Saved

In 2000, Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins announces that the Seattle-based rock group will officially break up at year’s end. Corgan claims that he and his bandmates are tired of “fighting the good fight against the Britneys of the world.” Smashing Pumpkins have not played a concert since 2000, until now, where they will not only be touring, but releasing a new album Zeitgeist in July.

Can’t spend my life in shame making light of these dark days

lyrics from Dark Days by The Used
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Senses Fail – Can’t Be Saved Music Video

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Many have been waiting for this music video and finally it’s been released. Watch Senses Fail‘s new music video to Can’t Be Saved:
Click here to watch the video


Senses Fail’s Priest And The Matador Music Video update

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Senses Fail has updated us with the progress to two of their upcoming music videos. Read more below:

Hey Everyone,

We just wanted to let you all know that this past Monday and Tuesday we filmed a video for “The Priest and The Matador”. From what we’ve seen so far it looks like it’s gonna turn out really awesome. Thank you to all of you who sent in your submissions for the treatment for the video. We had some really great ones and it was hard to pick the winners. Hopefully we can have some pictures or video from the shoot up for you all to see soon. We will keep you posted when we know more about the release of the video.

Also our video for “Can’t Be Saved” is coming right around the corner, so keep your eyes peeled!


Senses Fail – Can’t Be Saved music video done

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Senses Fail has recently updated the status of the Can’t Be Saved music video. We should see it really soon. Here’s the update:

Hey Everyone,

We wanted to let you all know that our video for “Can’t Be Saved” is finished. We’re sorry for the delay. This means that all of you will be able to see it very soon. We should have an idea of when it should be released shortly.

Senses Fail

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI
Genre: Rock, Punk
Sounds like: From First To Last, Senses Fail
Current Album: After Dark
Official Site:

Here’s a hometown favorite that’s quickly become known. My buddy let me borrow a copy of this CD and I was quickly impressed. Alucard’s music is progressively punk and driven with rock. Impressive riffs and catch hooks easily get you singing along. It’s always cool to see local bands grow and I enjoy supporting guys like Alucard. I think they deserve more recognition and that’s why I’m recommending them to you today. So click on the album above and order it. Trust me, its worth it. Favorite tracks include Resignation Song and Summer’s Coming. Listen up!

by: From Here On Out

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Valencia The Space Between

In 2002 police were investigating how tracks from the forthcoming Oasis album ‘Heathen Chemistry’ had been illegally circulated on the Internet. They thought the person responsible had access to their private recording sessions.

It’s start, stop and go you’ve been dying for, you’ve been dying for.

lyrics from In Fear and Faith by Circa Survive
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