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Smashing Pumpkins New Video

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Log on to AOL today, 2nd July, to see the world premiere of The Smashing Pumpkins new video for “Tarantula”.


Smashing Pumpkins Full Concert Free To Stream And Download

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Smashing Pumpkins haven’t played a concert in over 6 years until this year. Three days ago (June 2nd, 2007) they played a full set at the Rock AM Ring in N?rburgring, Germany. They also put up the whole concert for stream on their website. And maybe you don’t have time to stream, download the whole concert in too, for free. Sweetness eh? So here’s the links:

Stream The Smashing Pumpkins Concert at the Rock AM Ring
Download The Smashing Pumpkins Concert at the Rock AM Ring

Their set list is as follows (including times within the video each song starts):
01. (01:44) Today
02. (05:13) Bullet With Butterfly Wings
03. (09:49) United States
04. (20:39) Bleeding The Orchid
05. (25:39) Stand Inside Your Love
06. (29:27) Cherub Rock
07. (34:13) Shame
08. (40:14) Silverfuck
09. (50:50) Thirty-Three
10. (54:47) To Sheila
11. (60:05) Tonight, Tonight
12. (64:43) Tarantula
13. (68:49) Starz
14. (72:53) Zero
15. (75:25) Disarm
16. (78:17) 1979
17. (82:30) Untitled
18. (90:12) Gossamer

Enjoy this for now and prepare for 07/07/07, Smashing Pumpkins latest release Zeitgeist.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Glory Of This

Hometown: Pensacola, FL
Genre: Screamo, Post-Hardcore, Rock
Sounds like: Blessthefall, Emery, Pierce The Veil
Current Album: The Lover the Liar the Ruse
Official Site:

Glory Of This has been around for awhile, releasing two albums, Adoration and their recent release The Lover, The Liar, The Ruse. I know I posted their myspace and I know they don’t have any tracks up their, but I suggest you check out their purevolume site. Glory Of This has a great blend of melodic singing and hard screams that is sure to impress you. I really love songs such as Circle Yes or No, Flip For It, and Where I Am Now. I wasn’t able to find out much more about the band, whether they’re still around or not, but I do hope they are. Great music.

by: Misery Signals

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Senses Fail Can’t Be Saved

In 2000, Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins announces that the Seattle-based rock group will officially break up at year’s end. Corgan claims that he and his bandmates are tired of “fighting the good fight against the Britneys of the world.” Smashing Pumpkins have not played a concert since 2000, until now, where they will not only be touring, but releasing a new album Zeitgeist in July.

Can’t spend my life in shame making light of these dark days

lyrics from Dark Days by The Used
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