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Daily Dose #9

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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Lorene Drive

Hometown: Victorville, CA
Genre: Rock, Post Hardcore, Punk
Sounds like: Senses Fail, The Audition, Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Current Album: Romantic Wealth
Official Site:

Lorene Drive has been around for a while and I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about them. They debut album Romantic Wealth is full of energy and rock. Songs such as A Song In The Key Of Sex and Lip Service will definitely get you moving. They’ve been touring, but recently mentioned that they’ve recorded 3 new songs of an upcoming album they look to release later this year.

by: Red

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Senses Fail Calling All Cars

Nearly 10 years ago today it was reported that a boat carrying Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood burst into flames just days before the Brazilian leg of the band’s Bridges to Babylon tour. Wood is aboard a small pleasure craft exploring islands south of Rio de Janeiro when one of the boat’s engines catches fire. Nearby journalists rescue the 11 passengers.

She loves salting my wounds
Yes, she enjoys nothing more

lyrics from Polygraph, Right Now by The Spill Canvas
Today’s Daily Dose was created by: Anthony Montalbano 2007

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Social Code

Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Genre: Rock, Alternative Punk
Sounds like: Green Day, Billy Talent
Current Album: A Year at the Movies
Official Site:

This band is full of energy. Every song on their album is very catchy and fun. A Year At The Movies, their debut full album is complete. I came across Social Code browsing the internet a while back and I’ve loved them since. Travis, lead vocals, has a deep, sort of raspy voice, but when hits long notes they’re strong. Most of Social Code’s music is upbeat, but they also do have some amazing slow tempo songs that get you singing along in no time. They had a few singles such as Beautiful, Perfect Grave, and Everything Fine. But some of my favorite songs are Cats and Dogs, Flurry, and As Good As It Gets. They have a new self-titled album set to hit stores on May 8th.

by: A Change Of Pace

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Bullet For My Valentine Tears Don’t Fall

Today, in 1969, Jim Morrison is arrested by the FBI for interstate flight, stemming from obscenity charges lodged after a Miami concert. Also today in 1994 a forthcoming tour by Nirvana and Hole was cancelled amid continuing speculation about Kurt Cobain’s drug problems, not much before his death.

I’m a genius, with a headache.

lyrics from Sick or Sane by Senses Fail
Today’s Daily Dose was created by: Anthony Montalbano 2007

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So I just recently got back from the Taste of Chaos 2007. Wow, what an awesome concert. The lineup was great and with the new revolving stage transition time from band to band was minimal and kept it going great. First Evaline played (we missed the first couple songs), then Aiden, Chiodos, Saosin, Senses Fail, 30 Seconds To Mars, and the Used (in that order).

The Used introduced us with a few new songs, some people may have already heard. The new songs were, The Bird and The Worm, Liar Liar, Pretty Handsome Awkward, and Hospital. The new album Lies For Liars is scheduled for release on May 22nd.

Chiodos also introduced a new song, which can be found in a previous post I left of a video of them. Also, exclusive to Detroit, Chiodos named their upcoming album Bone Palace Ballet, set to come out this Fall. I’m so pumped to hear it!

As for cameras, since you weren’t allowed to bring cameras in, I didn’t bother bringing it. Instead I used my nifty lil cell phone and snapped the following shots. Not bad for a cell phone eh?

So here are the pix:

Senses Fail will plan on taking this summer off, for their first time in many years. But before the summer they have a couple music videos to look forward too. “Can’t Be Saved” should be out within the next month or so. And they have already made plans to record a video for “The Priest and The Matador“. The will be recording The Priest and The Matador this may and we should see it by the summer. I’m looking forward to both these videos, as I’m sure the rest of you are!