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Sunday, June 17, 2007


Hometown: Nashville, TN
Genre: Rock / Progressive
Sounds like: Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin
Current Album: End of Silence
Official Site:

This band really rocks it. Their album “End of Silence” is a combination of industrial, classical and hard rock that offers a beacon of hope for an ever-growing army of fans. “End of Silence” has sold more than 100,000 copies, the band has already scored their first Grammy nomination, reached the top 10 on R&R’s active rock charts for national airplay. RED is spending 2007 attacking concert halls for over 250 shows, joining forces with hard-hitters like Flyleaf, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Sevendust. If I dont say so myself,they have great energy and fantastic stage presence for a new band and definitely can hold their own.

by: Hopesfall

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Disturbed Prayer

In 1995, Rod Stewart sets an attendance record for Wembley Stadium with a concert crowd of 90,000. The 1985 Live Aid concert drew 72,000.

Cause I’ve seen love die
Way too many times

lyrics from Emergency by Paramore
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The Red New Record and Updates

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In a recent post by Red:

Hey Fans,

We hope you all are doing well…Here is the latest with the band.

We just ended the Sevendust tour and we have a few weeks off to get some work done at home. This past weekend Anthony was married to his wife Stephanie in a ceremony in downtown Nashville. It was a great day!

CBS is currently running commercials for the upcoming season of the TV show “Without a Trace” and our song “Let Go” is featured as the theme song for the commercials. The spot will run from the 29th of April to May 9th on CBS. Check it out!

We just recieved a Dove Award for “Rock Recorded Song of the Year” for “Breathe Into Me”. The ceremonies were held at the Grand Ole Opry house here in Nashville and will air nationwide in May. Thanks to all of you who requested the song throughout the year, it was an honor to recieve such an award.

For now we are taking time to rest before the madness of the summer touring schedule kicks in. We hope to see you all out there on the road.

We have been recieving hundreds of emails about the next record. To answer a few questions, we are in the writing process for now and we will be looking to get back into the studio sometime this fall to start recording. Currently we are laying down ideas while we are on the road. We are hopeful that a new record will release sometime before next summer. For now our touring schedule is running at a grueling pace, so it is a matter of finding the time.

Stay tuned here on myspace for our new video tour blog when we hit the road again with Three Day Grace. We will be leaving you at least 2 videos a week for the duration of the tour. We hope to see you all when we hit your area.



Daily Dose #9

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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Lorene Drive

Hometown: Victorville, CA
Genre: Rock, Post Hardcore, Punk
Sounds like: Senses Fail, The Audition, Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Current Album: Romantic Wealth
Official Site:

Lorene Drive has been around for a while and I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about them. They debut album Romantic Wealth is full of energy and rock. Songs such as A Song In The Key Of Sex and Lip Service will definitely get you moving. They’ve been touring, but recently mentioned that they’ve recorded 3 new songs of an upcoming album they look to release later this year.

by: Red

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Senses Fail Calling All Cars

Nearly 10 years ago today it was reported that a boat carrying Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood burst into flames just days before the Brazilian leg of the band’s Bridges to Babylon tour. Wood is aboard a small pleasure craft exploring islands south of Rio de Janeiro when one of the boat’s engines catches fire. Nearby journalists rescue the 11 passengers.

She loves salting my wounds
Yes, she enjoys nothing more

lyrics from Polygraph, Right Now by The Spill Canvas
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