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Knights In Paris Update

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It appears that after much anticipation we will finally get to hear some demos of Knights In Paris, with vocals, and over a 20 seconds long. 🙂

Here’s a recent blog post:

Now that I’m back on the road with Senses Fail, I will still try to keep you guys updated as often as possible with what’s going down with Knights In Paris. I also will try to keep up my weekly blog posts.

So here’s what is going down in the Knights In Paris camp. While I’m on tour, Nick and I will attempt to go back to how we started this, writing from the road a bit, sending files to each other, and i’m gonna work on finishing up some vocals/lyrics for some other songs we have that I haven’t finished.

As far as posting a demo goes, we have them ready to go, I’m just trying to get the “ok” to do so. Unfortunately in the music industry, sometimes things aren’t as easy as just doing something. BUT, I promise it will be sooner than later, and we’re trying our best to make it as quick as possible.

Also as I said in another post, we’re finishing up the details on getting our Online Store together, which should be done within the next couple of weeks.

Lastly, thanks to our friend Dan, we’re also working on a lovely new Myspace Layout to go up when we release some tunes.

Hope to see you all soon,



Studio Update: Knights In Paris

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In a recent post on myspace by Knights In Paris:

So I figured it was time to catch some of you up to speed as to where Nick and I (Mike) are at. I’ve been on tour for the past week or so, but before I left we were able to get a bunch of progress done. It’s been a little hard sometimes for us to physically get together with both of us doing our other bands, but we’ve been making it happen, sometimes even over the phone we end up writing haha. Right now we’ve got some really great material shaping up. Before I left we finished a new jam that Nick and I are really excited about, and since I left for tour we have another one in the works that is definitely gonna be something new for both of us, I guess I could describe it as a lot more on the dancier side. But so far what we have has a lot of variety which is what I always like to strive for. While I’m on tour these couple weeks I’ll be working on writing lyrics a bunch, I already have a good amount done and it’s coming together well.

Lastly, as for recording. We’ve been doing home demos on Nick’s computer. They work for the time being, but are not something we’d wanna release as our actual tracks. So given that, we’re going to shoot to head into the studio sometime in August to lay down i’d hope at least 4 to 6 songs and then we’ll have something for all of you to hear. In the mean time, we’ll see if we can get at least a snipet of something for you to hear that we’ve done up here so you can kinda have an idea where this is going.


(p.s. If any of you have any questions or just wanna shoot the shit, Nick and I will try to answer this page as much as we possibly can)