The Fall Of Troy – Phantom On The Horizon (follow-up to Manipulator)

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The Fall Of Troy just released Manipulator a few weeks ago and yet they’re already speaking up about their next album, Phantom On The Horizon. Drummer, Andrew Forsman, made a statement about Manipulator, ?We definitely wanted to explore a little more of the song-writing aspect than just putting a bunch of crazy riffs together. I mean, obviously, we?re getting older always. I think–definitely, we didn?t want to do the same album we did last time.”

Manipulator was produced by Matt Bayles and it looks like he’ll be producing their next album Phantom On The Horizon. ?Working with him was great, he?s just an awesome dude?he won?t let you suck?when we heard he was interested, we were really happy. I think we?re going to do our next album with him and he?ll probably be a bit more involved in the songwriting,” quotes Forsman.

Specifically detailing Phantom On The Horizon, ?We?ve done some demos of those songs but I think we?re going to go through and change them up a little. the plan is to redo the Ghostship Demos and we?ll probably end up writing a couple more songs, we?ve been writing a little bit right before we left [for the Deftones tour].?

No date has been released for Phantom On The Horizon, but you can look forward to another album by The Fall Of Troy in the not so distant future. It’s rare that a band looks forward so quickly after a release, but at the same time dedication and determination is proof. As for now enjoy the beauty behind Manipulator and prepare yourself for Phantom On The Horizon.

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