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Album Review: Trapt – Live!

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Most of the time when a band decides to release a live album, the band has had substantial success. Bands and artists such as Peter Frampton, Linkin Park, Kiss, and AC/DC have had major success with numerous studio albums, thus prompting a successful live album.

With this said, Trapt has done something odd for their third album. They have released Live!, an 11 song record with 9 live tracks and 2 studio tracks. The two opening tracks, those of the studio-recorded variety are the only true standout performances on Live! Chris Brown is not a great singer by any means, and this becomes even more evident on the live recordings. Brown?s vocals tend to be weak and are almost completely drowned by the rest of the band at times. At soft points, he also tends to sound like a famous green character from Sesame Street.

Even when Trapt was a new band, they were a mediocre band in a mediocre genre that featured the likes of Creed, Nickelback and hundreds of unknowns (Submersed, Closure, Echo 7 and so on). However, Live! could actually help Trapt?s career, as doubtful as it may seem. The performances are very raw with great instrumentation and big crowd involvement? on the songs they know. But the between song banter will throw a lot of potential or semi-fans off. The overuse of profanity, most notably after ?Hollowman?, is not only unnecessary, but sounds forced as if to try to be cool.

There are several strong songs in the set however. Their song ?Waiting?, which is fairly new, eclipses their jock-rock hit ?Headstrong? in not only quality, but in presentation. The strength of the entire band seems to have disappeared; when everything should?ve been it?s biggest.

Needless to say, if you are not a die-hard Trapt fan, it?s ok to steer clear of this one and wait for their next studio album.

{Review by: Matthew Chesley}


Trapt Post New Song & New Album Update

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Trapt as posted a new song “Stay Alive” on The new song will be featured on their live album, set to be released on August 21st. They plan to start recording a new album later this year. Trapt also plans on releasing 9 live videos online to their fans for free. For more information check out the exclusive interview at

Trapt has posted an exclusive demo of a track called Avelyn. Go to their myspace to hear it.


Daily Dose #14

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Sunday, April 15, 2007


Franklin, TN
Genre: Rock / Alternative
Sounds like: Faktion, Trapt,
Current Album: All We Know Is Falling
Official Site:

All I have to say is wow. This band has a great sound provided by the lead singer Hayley. She has great vocals and knows how to use them. Their new album Riot! comes out June 12th. Some of the songs I liked are Pressure, Here We Go Again, and Brighter which are off their first album All We Know Is Falling; the whole CD is awesome. Off of their new album Riot!, Miser Business is a great song should be an immediate hit.

by: Hollywood Undead

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