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Bleed The Dream To Call It Quits This October

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Bleed The Dream will be calling it quits after their live performances in Anchorage, Alaska this upcoming October. There hasn’t been any release on exactly why they will be ending. They recently released Killer Inside earlier this year, in which will be their latest support. The album released on Warcon Records.


Bleed The Dream Robbed

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Bleed The Dream‘s trailer was stolen with a lot of their gear and merch. What is up with band’s trailer’s being stolen? This is ridiculous. See if you can help these guys out. Here’s their myspace post:

So…………Our trailer was stolen 4 days before warped tour with a lot of our gear and merch in it. If you live in or around the LA/San Fernando Valley, be on the lookout for the following things.

*4×12 Mesa Boogie Cabinet with MAPHIA spray painted on it
*6×10 Mesa Boogie Bass Cabinet that’s missing a wheel
*Road case with 2 Berringer headphone amps and multiple Monster Cables
*Huge road case that holds head, cab, and guitar
*Purple Ibanez AE Acoustic Electric Guitar with broken pickup.
*Ibanez Bass that has “Fuck Hollywood” carved into it
*1000’s of BTD posters
*1,000’s of BTD guitar picks and stickers
*100’s of BTD shirts
*100’s of BTD CD’s

If you run into any of this gear at a pawn shop in the valley or see someone selling mass amounts of BTD merch on ebay, please contact us via myspace. Thanks


Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Fall Of Troy

Hometown: Mukilteo, WA
Genre: Alternative, Progressive, Hardcore
Sounds like: From First To Last, Chiodos, Portugal The Man
Current Album: Manipulator
Official Site:

The Fall Of Troy has increasingly became well known for their erratic vocal changes and tempos. These guys are amazing musicians and strong on their instruments. Playing together since they were all just 17 they have grown into a band that has evolved into a new genre. With their latest release, Manipulator scheduled to come out this Tuesday, May 1st is amazing. Don’t believe me, check out their myspace. And if you can’t get enough you have to check out Doppelg?nger. Some of my favorite songs include Semi-Fiction, I Just Got This Symphony Goin, and Macaulay McCulkin.

by: Underoath

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Vanna The Things He Carried

In 1998 Steven Tyler sustains a knee injury at Aerosmith’s concert in Anchorage, Alaska. The injury is bad enough to require surgery and force the band to postpone the 14 remaining dates of its North American tour. And in 1999 it is announced that drummer Tommy Lee has quit Motley Crue to devote time to his new band and family, following his reunion with Pamela Anderson Lee. Lee’s new band is called Methods of Mayhem.

Take it in, breathe it in even though your lungs can?t stand it

lyrics from Legends Die by Bleed The Dream
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Behind The Scenes with Bleed The Dream

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Here’s a video of the Behind The Scenes making of music video to their new hit single Closer. The new album Killer Inside hits stores next week, April 10th.

Click here to buy Bleed The Dream – Killer Inside