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An Underoath Documentary

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It appears that Underoath will be creating a documentary about the band, read more:

It seems I find myself and the rest of the UO camp constantly looking around at the music industry, the injustices inflicted on our peers by heartless, money hungry suits, and consistent downward spiral of quality and content within the music of so many bands we seem to be seeing along our journey and just scratching our heads. It more times than not, turns into a productive driving force to do anything and all that we can to evaluate our business ethics and more importantly our vision of what our music has to say as well as the way it sounds. In all of this there has been one facet of our industry we have yet to tackle until now….the art of film making. It seems that dvds have become the newest form of watered down content that labels are latching onto to package with cd’s and make a buck. Although I think there is something to be said about giving a band a camera for a year, letting them shoot whatever they want, whenever they want , and then editing it down for everyone to see, I feel that the innocence that this approach was once birthed in is now the newest trend of indie labels everywhere. Everyone has a dvd or a re-release packaged with some sort of video content. At this point in the game its hard to stomach 90% of the band related film coming out now. Upon realizing the magnitude of the artistic defficiency within this realm of media, we found ourselves racking our brains and hitting the drawing boards to see how UO could take what everyone is doing and attempt to raise the bar well beyond the status quo. Months of deliberation and brain storming has resulted in a small film team working under the name “The Audible Diversion Group” following our fall tour and shooting a third person documentary for the entirety of “We Believe In Dino-Tours”. The film is being shot in 720p High Definition 16:9 widescreen format. Details are still coming together, but I can tell you that this will be the best piece of visual art this band has every released. We have two places where you can read up on the progress of the project and the tour, and Ryan has posted a short video montage of some early footage and you can read journal entries from Ryan, Seay, and Justin. I hope you all find this as exciting as I do. Be well friends and thank you to all who have come out to all of the shows on this tour thus far, and to all who have yet to come. God bless you.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Hometown: Gilbert, AZ
Genre: Rock, Screamo, Alternative
Sounds like: Chiodos, Emery, A Change Of Pace
Current Album: Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Official Site:

Scary Kids Scaring Kids have come along way from their first album. I know its cliche to say a band has matured from album to album, but with SKSK’s latest release, maturity is the first word that comes to mind. Energetic rock with poppy chorus and dirty vocals are fluid on their self-titled latest release. Previous releases of their work I considered progressive and experimental, but in no means am I saying its a bad thing. This band has grown on me and with their latest release, I’m in love. Seriously, go pick up their latest and rock it.

by: Nevea Tears

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Underoath A Moment Suspended In Time

3 years ago today, Johnny Ramone, guitarist in New York City punk rock pioneers the Ramones, dies at home in Los Angeles, California. He was 55 and had been suffering from prostate cancer. Johnny Ramone was born John Cummings in New York City on Oct. 8 1951. He is the third of the quartet’s original members to die in the preceding four years.

They say that what doesn’t kill us makes us who we are

lyrics from It Had To Be You by Motion City Soundtrack
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Daily Dose #46

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Sixx: AM

Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative
Sounds like: The Exies, Hinder, Papa Roach
Current Album: The Heroin Diaries
Official Site:

Here’s an artist that has been in the business for a long time and, until recently, has re-entered the scene with a groundbreaking album, inspired deeply by a diary that he wrote while caught in the world of drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll. I highly recommend everyone to check out his new album coming in stores this August 28th. This is some good stuff! Interested to see where he, along with DJ Ashba and James Michael go from here.

by: Atreyu

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Underoath When The Sun Sleeps

6 years ago today Foo Fighters cancel the remaining three dates of their U.K. and European tour after drummer Taylor Hawkins is hospitalized. Hawkins “apparently overindulged during festivities” following the Foo’s performance at the V2001 Festival in Chelmsford, England, according to a statement.

let’s write a song that we can dance to cause they all wanna listen

lyrics from Jersey by Mayday Parade
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Warped Tour 2007 was a hit and I was able to snap some shots of a few bands that I seen. Some of the quality of the pictures are poor, but this was due to the extreme heat and the amazingly aggressive crowd in Detroit, MI. So without further adeu here of some pictures:


Funeral For A Friend:

Mayday Parade:

Hawthorne Heights:

Cinematic Sunrise:




Misc. Pictures:

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

As Cities Burn

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Genre: Hard Rock, Indie, Alternative
Sounds like: Underoath, Emery, Haste The Day
Current Album: Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest
Official Site:

Here’s a band that I’ve been listening to for awhile. They were opening band for Emery a few years back and caught my attention. I picked up their debut album and was hooked. As Cities Burn has a mix of hard vocals with tender verses that seemlessly sound perfect. They’re working on a new album that is soon to be released. Make sure to check out the new song of their new album on their myspace.

by: Deciding Tonight

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Underoath In Regards To Myself

Eight years ago it was reported that Oasis had paid Gary Glitter ?200,000 ($340,000) as an out-of-court settlement after being accused of using the Gary Glitter lyric, ?Hello, hello, it?s good to be back? in the song ?Hello?.

You’re what makes me and if god could keep you with me I’d trade just about anything

lyrics from Higinia by Blessthefall
Today’s Daily Dose was created by: Anthony Montalbano 2007

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New Underoath DVD Coming Soon

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Underoath plans on releasing a new DVD that will contain more than 90 minutes of live footage as well as other exclusive material. The DVD is scheduled to be released on July 17th.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Sound The Alarm

Hometown: Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania
Genre: Pop, Rock, Punk
Sounds like: Valencia, Red Jumpsuit Appartus, The Academy Is…
Current Album: Sound the Alarm
Official Site:

Sound The Alarm has a sound to them that leave me happy. It’s like a build-in aura. They have catchy hooks and up beat music. They are getting ready to release their new album Stay Inside later this summer. I expect to hear these guys touring with some big artists, and making a big impression. This band is well developed and could only go one way…forward. Check out Suffocating on their myspace, great song.

by: As Cities Burn

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Underoath Writing On The Walls

Back in 2003, London’s Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) formally cautions Pete Townshend for “accessing a Web site containing child abuse images” in 1999. Townshend-who was arrested in January on suspicion of possessing child pornographic material- is placed on a U.K. register of sex offenders where he is to remain thusly listed for five years. An MPS statement emphasizes that Townshend cooperated with the probe and did not possess any downloaded child-porn images.

These are the days that last forever
A time in my life I won’t surrender

lyrics from These Are The Days by The Exies
Today’s Daily Dose was created by: Anthony Montalbano 2007

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Fall Of Troy

Hometown: Mukilteo, WA
Genre: Alternative, Progressive, Hardcore
Sounds like: From First To Last, Chiodos, Portugal The Man
Current Album: Manipulator
Official Site:

The Fall Of Troy has increasingly became well known for their erratic vocal changes and tempos. These guys are amazing musicians and strong on their instruments. Playing together since they were all just 17 they have grown into a band that has evolved into a new genre. With their latest release, Manipulator scheduled to come out this Tuesday, May 1st is amazing. Don’t believe me, check out their myspace. And if you can’t get enough you have to check out Doppelg?nger. Some of my favorite songs include Semi-Fiction, I Just Got This Symphony Goin, and Macaulay McCulkin.

by: Underoath

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Vanna The Things He Carried

In 1998 Steven Tyler sustains a knee injury at Aerosmith’s concert in Anchorage, Alaska. The injury is bad enough to require surgery and force the band to postpone the 14 remaining dates of its North American tour. And in 1999 it is announced that drummer Tommy Lee has quit Motley Crue to devote time to his new band and family, following his reunion with Pamela Anderson Lee. Lee’s new band is called Methods of Mayhem.

Take it in, breathe it in even though your lungs can?t stand it

lyrics from Legends Die by Bleed The Dream
Today’s Daily Dose was created by: Anthony Montalbano 2007

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Daily Dose #6

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Blackout

Hometown: Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, UK
Genre: Rock, Screamo, Punk
Sounds like: Chiodos, Funeral For A Friend
Current Album: Blackout Blackout Blackout
Official Site:

I found this band from an old band I used to listen to, When Reason Sleeps. About 2 years ago When Reason Sleeps broke up and their 2 lead sings each started new bands, The Blackout and The Guns. Personally, I love the power rock of The Blackout. Every song is full of energy and blood curling screams. Their short 7 track EP is amazing, atleast. Some of my favorite tracks include Murder In The Make Believe Ballroom, You And Your Friends vs. Me and the Revolution, and It’s High Tide Baby.

by: Crackjaw

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Boys Night Out I Got Punched in the Nose for Sticking My Face in Other People’s Business

In 1999, the online song-lyric auction Hits Under the Hammer comes to a close, with sales exceeding expectations. The British-organized auction, at, raises nearly $67,000 for the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy and Norwood Ravenswood children’s charities. The highest bid goes to the lyrics for “Please” by U2’s Bono, at $3,600.

In a picture perfect scenery I’ve become a stick figure illustration.

lyrics from Casting Such A Thin Shadow by Underoath
Today’s Daily Dose was created by: Anthony Montalbano 2007

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Underoath YouTube Channel

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Underoath has added more videos to their official YouTube Channel. Subscribe, bookmark, or keep it in memory for future updates!

Click here to goto Underoath YouTube Channel.