An Underoath Documentary

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It appears that Underoath will be creating a documentary about the band, read more:

It seems I find myself and the rest of the UO camp constantly looking around at the music industry, the injustices inflicted on our peers by heartless, money hungry suits, and consistent downward spiral of quality and content within the music of so many bands we seem to be seeing along our journey and just scratching our heads. It more times than not, turns into a productive driving force to do anything and all that we can to evaluate our business ethics and more importantly our vision of what our music has to say as well as the way it sounds. In all of this there has been one facet of our industry we have yet to tackle until now….the art of film making. It seems that dvds have become the newest form of watered down content that labels are latching onto to package with cd’s and make a buck. Although I think there is something to be said about giving a band a camera for a year, letting them shoot whatever they want, whenever they want , and then editing it down for everyone to see, I feel that the innocence that this approach was once birthed in is now the newest trend of indie labels everywhere. Everyone has a dvd or a re-release packaged with some sort of video content. At this point in the game its hard to stomach 90% of the band related film coming out now. Upon realizing the magnitude of the artistic defficiency within this realm of media, we found ourselves racking our brains and hitting the drawing boards to see how UO could take what everyone is doing and attempt to raise the bar well beyond the status quo. Months of deliberation and brain storming has resulted in a small film team working under the name “The Audible Diversion Group” following our fall tour and shooting a third person documentary for the entirety of “We Believe In Dino-Tours”. The film is being shot in 720p High Definition 16:9 widescreen format. Details are still coming together, but I can tell you that this will be the best piece of visual art this band has every released. We have two places where you can read up on the progress of the project and the tour, www.myspace.com/underoathmovie and www.underoathmovie.com. Ryan has posted a short video montage of some early footage and you can read journal entries from Ryan, Seay, and Justin. I hope you all find this as exciting as I do. Be well friends and thank you to all who have come out to all of the shows on this tour thus far, and to all who have yet to come. God bless you.

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