Bleed The Dream Robbed

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Bleed The Dream‘s trailer was stolen with a lot of their gear and merch. What is up with band’s trailer’s being stolen? This is ridiculous. See if you can help these guys out. Here’s their myspace post:

So…………Our trailer was stolen 4 days before warped tour with a lot of our gear and merch in it. If you live in or around the LA/San Fernando Valley, be on the lookout for the following things.

*4×12 Mesa Boogie Cabinet with MAPHIA spray painted on it
*6×10 Mesa Boogie Bass Cabinet that’s missing a wheel
*Road case with 2 Berringer headphone amps and multiple Monster Cables
*Huge road case that holds head, cab, and guitar
*Purple Ibanez AE Acoustic Electric Guitar with broken pickup.
*Ibanez Bass that has “Fuck Hollywood” carved into it
*1000’s of BTD posters
*1,000’s of BTD guitar picks and stickers
*100’s of BTD shirts
*100’s of BTD CD’s

If you run into any of this gear at a pawn shop in the valley or see someone selling mass amounts of BTD merch on ebay, please contact us via myspace. Thanks


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