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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


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Underminded was recently brought to my attention at a few guest appearances by lead vocalist Nick Martin on Chiodos latest release, Bone Palace Ballet. The deep coarse vocals of Nick Martin mixed with the perfect melodic hard metal simply rocks! Definitely worth a listen!

by: Faber Drive

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Gym Class Heroes Clothes Off!

Nine years ago today UK newspaper the Daily Star ran a story claiming that R.E.M singer Michael Stipe had admitted that he was gay during an MTV interview shown in the US. Stipe was voicing his disgust at the killing of a young gay student in the US.

One day you’re flying, the next day you’re falling to pieces

lyrics from Waiting by Social Code
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In a recent report from MTV, Panic! At The Disco have completely scrapped all their work on their 2nd album. They “didn’t really have a proper band setup”, quoted by the band. Here’s more of what they had to say:

“We went through a stage of writing that just happened because we were on tour for so long, and we were sick of those old songs so much that we decided to write songs that were really complicated and challenging for us,” guitarist Ryan Ross said. “Then we realised that it’s not going to be any fun to play these live either, so we decided to ditch the whole project. There was a story line throughout the whole record, a short story, and we decided to put that on the shelf and just start playing as a band, and it’s been a lot better.”

Fans might just be able to hear something soon, though. “We want to have the new single out by the end of the year, probably around Christmas,” drummer Spencer Smith offers. “And then have the album out in February. We hope.” This band needs all the luck in the world, I can only imagine the pressure.

Once again, listen to these new tracks:

Lorene Drive – Second Nature, off their new upcoming album

Mae – Brink Of Disaster, off their latest album

Boys Night Out – Brothers, a B-side from their latest album

Counterfit – The Short Weekend Begins With Longing, a new song off their new upcoming CD/DVD

The Confession – Requiem, stream their upcoming full album

Panic! At The Disco – Tonight Tonight, a Smashing Pumpkins cover song

Straylight Run – The Needle The Space, stream their complete upcoming album



Panic! At The Disco Second Album Update

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Panic! At The Disco released A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out in 2005. It’s been almost two years since they’ve released new material. P!ATD has been working on their second album scheduled to be released this summer. Ryan Ross, lead guitar, stated that their next album will have a theme.

Ryan also said, “We all get together and created this – I guess you could call it a concept – that we all wrote and we were all involved with and pretty interested in.

It’s kind of a love story. It’s a timeless age of romantic, poetic fantasies.”

The band have yet to confirm their producer, but they have been working closely with Rob Mathes. P!ATD has told sources that they have complete four songs to date. And will continue to finish their next album in Los Angeles, pushing to release it this year.