Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Boys Night Out

Hometown: Burlington, ON
Genre: Rock, Post Hardcore, Alternative
Sounds like: Brand New, Taking Back Sunday
Current Album: Trainwreck
Official Site:

Boys Night Out has been through a lot in their short career. It’s amazing to see how this band has progressed over time and evolved into a band that is well respected and deserved. Boys Night Out spilled a lot about the band in their DVD Dude You Need To Stop Dancing. The raw emotional rollercoaster the members of BNO has gone through show deeply in their music. If you’re new to Boys Night Out you must go pick up Trainwreck and listen to it from beginning to end as a vast and intricate story unfolds. Never has an album captured me such as this one, involving you into a story. I would love to see this CD wrapped into a featured film…maybe….one day. As for now check out their newly released EP Fifty Million People Can’t Be Wrong and get ready for yet another release this summer with their self titled album coming out. They recently posted a new song of their new album on their myspace Swift and Unforgiving.

by: Between The Trees

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Bleeding Through Line In The Sand

In 2001 Neutrino, one half of U.K. chart-topping dance act Oxide & Neutrino, is arrested by police after he is shot in Central London. Neutrino suffers a flesh wound and takes himself to the hospital, where police are alerted to his injuries. The 19-year-old performer is later released on bail.

I found telling you the truth the hardest thing to get out

lyrics from Grey by Yellowcard
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