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Bad Religion Protects Again New Album Leak

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In a recent post by Bad Religion, they explain the measures they went through to protect the chances of their new album from being leaked. Read more:

One of the things we didn?t do this year is send out a lot of albums to get reviewed by magazines because previously when we sent out like 500 demo CDs for review, one of them would invariably end up on the internet and the entire album is downloaded three months previous to release,” laments Jay.

“We decided to release things through the Epitaph site or the Myspace page, it seems more of our fan base is there that we can kind of target, rather than a bunch of magazines who don?t care what we are doing.

So get your listening on and listen to these new tracks by a few artists:

Bad Religion – Heroes & Martyrs, off their new album New Maps Of Hell

Bedlight For Blueeyes – City And The Ghost, off their new album Life On Life’s Terms

Sullivan – Fire Away, off their new album Cover Your Eyes

Interpol – Heinrich Maneuver, off their new album Our Love To Admire

Amber Pacific – Fall Back Into My Life, off their new album Truth In Sincerity

Hidden In Plain View – Bendy, off their new album Resolution

Here’s some news about recent tracklistings for upcoming albums:

Boys Night Out – Boys Night Out
01. Get Your Head Straight
02. Swift and Unforgiving
03. The Push and Pull
04. Up With Me
05. The Heirs of Error
06. Let Me Be Your Swearword
07. Hey, Thanks
08. Fall For The Drinker
09. Apartment 4
10. Reason Ain’t Our Long Suit
11. It Won’t Be Long

Straylight Run – The Needle The Space
01) The Words We Say
02) The Miracle That Never Came
03) Soon We’ll be Living in the Future
04) How Do I Fix My Head
05) Who Will Save Us Now
06) Cover Your Eyes
07) We’ll Never Leave Again
08) Take It To Manhattan
09) Still Alone
10) This is the End
11) Buttoned Down
12) Track #12
13) The First of This Century

Various Artists – Warped Tour 2007 Compilation
Disc 1
Alkaline Trio – “Fire Down Below”
Bad Religion – “Requiem for Dissent”
Killswitch Engage – “The Arms of Sorrow”
As I Lay Dying – “Confined”
Cute Is What We Aim For – “Lyrical Lies (electric)”
Big D and The Kids Table – “Steady Riot”
Tiger Army – “Afterworld”
I Am Ghost – “Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps”
Norma Jean – “Songs Sound Much Sadder”
The Matches – “Little Maggots”
Only Crime – “Take Me”
LoveHateHero – “Amity”
Amber Pacific – “Summer (In B)”
Buck-O-Nine – “I’m Not Dead”
Street Dogs – “Fading American Dream”
The Briggs – “Song of Babylon”
Escape the Fate – “Reverse This Curse”
Gallows – “Rolling with the Punches”
Madina Lake – “House of Cards”
Haste the Day – “Akeldema”
Blessthefall – “Could Tell a Love”
Guff – “Sympathy of Voices”
Set Your Goals – “This Song Is Definitely Not About a Girl”
My American Heart – “The Shake (Awful Feeling)”
Mayday Parade – “Black Cat”

Disc 2

The Used – “The Ripper ”
Poison The Well – “Letter Thing”
Chiodos – “To Trixie and Reptile, Thanks for Everything”
Bayside – “Duality”
Paramore – “This Circle”
Gogol Bordello – “60 Revolutions”
Aiden – “We Sleep Forever”
Vanna – “The Things He Carried”
The Human Abstract – “Mea Culpa”
Ryan’s Hope – “Killing Through Song”
Meg & Dia – “Monster”
Bedouin Soundclash – “Until We Burn In The Sun (The Kids Just Want Love Song)”
Smoke or Fire – “The Patty Hearst Syndrome”
The Casualties – “In It for Life”
The Toasters – “You’re Gonna Pay”
The Higher – “Insurance?”
Piebald – “Oh, The Congestion”
Blinded Black – “Under The Sunrise”
Greeley Estates – “The End of All We Know”
Strung Out – “Calling”
Parkway Drive – “Smoke ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em”
The Unseen – “At Point Blank”
Olympia – “M-80”
Tokyo Rose – “A Pound of Silver Is Worth Its Weight in Blood”
Mad Caddies – “State of Mind”

Motion City Soundtrack – Even If It Kills Me
01. Fell In Love Without You
02. This Is For Real
03. It Had To Be You
04. Last Night
05. Calling All Cops
06. Can’t Finish What You Started
07. The Conversation
08. Broken Heart
09. Hello Helicopter
10. Where I Belong
11. Point Of Extinction
12. Antonia
13. Even If It Kills Me


Details on upcoming MXPX album

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MxPx posted a follow up about their upcoming album Secret Weapon, scheduled to hit stores June 17th. Aaron Sprinkle, the same produce to ’94’s debut album Pokinatcha, produced Secret Weapon. John Davis added piano and backup vocals to “Sad Sad Song”. Also Bad Religions’ guitarist Brian Baker made an appearance on a couple tracks. Here is the tracklist:
1. Secret Weapon
2. Shut It Down
3. Here’s to the Life
4. Top of the Charts
5. Punk Rock Celebrity
6. Contention
7. Angles
8. Drowning
9. Chop Chop
10. You’re on Fire
11. Bass so Low
12. Sad Sad Song
13. Never Better Than Now
14. Biting the Bullet
15. Not Nothing
16. Tightly Wound


Upcoming 90’s Punk Rock Documentary

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Robot Academy Films, an independent production company set up by two 22 year old Australian’s are currently in production for a film on the 90’s punk rock explosion titled One Nine Nine Four.

The documentary which is set to be a full length feature documents the birth, growth and explosion of punk rock in the 90’s and features interviews with bands such as NOFX, the Offspring, Blink 182, Rancid, Bad Religion, Lagwagon and many more.

The 2 film makers have been residing in Los Angeles since January shooting interviews and collecting archival footage before returning to Australia this month to start editing. The film will be narrated by Tony Hawk and is yet to have distribution or a release date but will hit the festival circuit in 2008.

A very rough teaser trailer featuring Fat Mike, Green Day, Rancid, Scott Russo is available online.