Details on upcoming MXPX album

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MxPx posted a follow up about their upcoming album Secret Weapon, scheduled to hit stores June 17th. Aaron Sprinkle, the same produce to ’94’s debut album Pokinatcha, produced Secret Weapon. John Davis added piano and backup vocals to “Sad Sad Song”. Also Bad Religions’ guitarist Brian Baker made an appearance on a couple tracks. Here is the tracklist:
1. Secret Weapon
2. Shut It Down
3. Here’s to the Life
4. Top of the Charts
5. Punk Rock Celebrity
6. Contention
7. Angles
8. Drowning
9. Chop Chop
10. You’re on Fire
11. Bass so Low
12. Sad Sad Song
13. Never Better Than Now
14. Biting the Bullet
15. Not Nothing
16. Tightly Wound

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