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Jamie’s Elsewhere Signs With Victory Records

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Jamie’s Elsewhere has recently signed with Victory Records. They recently released their debut EP earlier this year, Goodbye Rocket Man, St. George Is Under Fire.

Lead singer, Patrick Stump, of Fall Out Boy recently spoke with in regards to a possible new album. Infinity On High is nearly 9 months old and is already platinum, but Patrick said they have “an album worth of material”, but don’t expect a fifth album any time too soon. Stump continued to say “I don’t really feel like we’re done with this one yet, I feel like it’s still in its cycle. There’s a lot of songs on it I’m really proud of. I don’t think we have one really monster hit on this record like “Sugar,” but there are a lot of really strong individual songs. If a song is effective enough it’ll work as a single, and I think we have a lot of effective songs that aren’t necessarily monsters.”

In regards to the new material, Stump says the music is taking them in “some very different directions. There’s lots of really bizarre ideas on there, everything from folk to … actually, I was experimenting with piano phases, like Steve Reich, the composer. There’ll be some weird stuff, but at the end of the day, it’s probably just gonna be a pop record.” Even though they have new material, he also stated “There’s always something that hits me, like a sense of urgency — NOW is the time for an album — and we’re not there yet, I just get this kind of wanderlust of some kind to go back into a studio. It’s always a very defined point.”

Fall Out Boy has recently started touring with Cute Is What We Aim For, Plain White T’s and Gym Class Heroes on the Young Wild Things tour. Patrick Stump has kept busy lately, helping produce Cobra Starship‘s new album as well as working with Gym Class Heroes on their upcoming album. Outside of music he also recently filmed an episode of Law & Order, due to air in February 2008.


Against Me! Video Montage & Tour Info

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Against Me! has posted video montages of ?Americans Abroad? and ?Stop!? on their Youtube channel. These montages highlight footage from the Against Me!?s trips on the road and a camaraderie that can only be formed through a common passion for music. Against Me! teamed up with renowned producer Butch Vig to create a new album full of angst, anarchy and controversial political views, not to mention some insanely talented melodies. Against Me! is getting ready for their headlining tour through the US starting in November.

Against Me!?s new album New Wave is available in stores now.

Watch American Abroad Here

Watch Stop! Here

Against Me! Tour Dates:
November 3rd Asbury Park, NJ ? Saints & Sinners Fest
November 4th Austin, TX ? Fun Fun Fun Fest Waterloo Park
November 5th Richmond, VA ? Canal Club
November 6th Atlanta, GA ? Center Stage
November 8th Ft. Lauderdale, FL ? Revolution
November 9th Lake Buena Vista, FL ? House of Blues
November 10th Jacksonville, FL ? Tallyrand Music & Arts Festival at Metropolitan Park
November 12th Norfolk, VA ? Norva Theater
November 13th Washington DC, Washington DC ? 9:30 Club
November 14th Clifton Park, NY ? Northern Lights
November 15th Providence, RI ? Lupo?s
November 16th Philadelphia, PA ? Electric Factory
November 17th New York, NY ? Terminal 5
November 19th Cleveland, OH ? House of Blues
November 20th Pontiac, MI ? Clutch Cargos
November 21st Chicago, IL ? House of Blues
November 22nd Chicago, IL ? Metro
November 23rd Minneapolis, MN ? First Avenue
November 24th Madison, WI ? Majestic Theater
November 25th Sauget, IL ? Pop?s
November 27th Grand Rapids, MI ? Skelletone?s


Bassist Leaves Yellowcard

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Pete Mosely of Yellowcard has left for other endeavors.

Here is his farewell:

We wanted to let you know that I have chosen to leave Yellowcard and pursue other endeavors. It has been an honor creating music together and I want to wish them the very best in everything they put their hands to. its been a blessing to have been able to travel the world and perform music. I would like to thank everyone who has supported us through all these years and will continue to support yellowcard.




New Incubus CD/DVD – Look Alive

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Incubus will be releasing a new CD/DVD titled Look Alive this November 27th. The release will be a continuing support to their latest album Light Grenades. The DVD will include exclusive behind-the-scenes footage as well as other bonus material. The CD will include 5 live tracks as well as original musical pieces composed by Mike Einziger, their lead guitarist. Also Light Grenades will be reissued on November 27th as well. Look for both Look Alive and Light Grenades next month!


The Audition – El Champion Album Details

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The Audition have recently finished up their second full-length album, El Champion. The album will be a follow-up to their 2005’s debut Controversy Loves Company. The album will feature 10 new tracks. Drummer Ryan O’Connor says “This album is more sexual, it’s a big change of pace, and I’d say it has a lot more soul too it too. Every song is a little bit different but it’s weird because they all fit together and it flows well.” He continue to add, “We wrote an album that we really love and we really believe in and there’s not a song on the record that we don’t like. We really feel like we’ve put everything into this and this is the best that we’ve done yet. We think people are really gonna enjoy it.” The Chicago based band recorded the album in a studio in Windsor, New York. El Champion is to be released at the end of January 2008 on Victory Records. Make sure to catch them on tour to get a glimpse into their new songs.


The Sounds Of Animals Fighting New Album In Works

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The Sounds Of Animals Fighting have stated that they will be recording a third album under Epitaph records.

Here is a recent post:

After one album, a reissue of our first EP, and a live DVD (three very special releases to us), we bring you the latest newsflash: our third album will be released on the pioneering and long-established Epitaph Records. We were extremely blessed to have had the opportunities provided for us by Equal Vision Records for the aforementioned releases, and could not have been happier there. The label and staff remain friends, and we will continue to work closely with them to make sure our merchandise is available to all of you. This third record coming out on Epitaph simply gives us a chance to reach new channels and new faces, which, ultimately, will work in everyone’s favor, as you and we continue to grow, while simultaneously maintaining the independent ethics so important to us. Thank you for your ongoing support, and, as always, believe nothing you hear unless it comes straight from us. We are excited for the ongoing future of this incredibly cathartic project.


Dillinger Escape Plan Updates

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Dillinger Escape Plans will be releasing their new album Ire Works in about 1 month from now. A new song, Lurch, can be found on their myspace.

Here’s a recent post from the band:

So check it out. One month from now our new album drops. So to tide you over for another thirty days we just put up another song called “Lurch”. It’s a fucking face melter. So if getting your face melted off is your idea of a good time I suggest you go check it out.

You can pre-order “Ire Works” now, go here to the Relapse store and do it. OR if you are feeling extra god-like you can get it with a new limited edition Dillinger shirt over here. Either one is acceptable. If you listen to kingly shit but have no desire to dress like a king click on the first link, if you listen to kingly shit and also wanna look equally kingly, click on the second. You come out ahead either way really.

Lets see what else….we’re doing tons of promo stuff for the record, answering the same questions 200 different times, so if you happen to read magazines you’ll be seeing our lovely faces in a bunch of them, we’ll try to keep you updated on bigger articles. We have some new pics in the pic section, what else, Ben’s foot is healing nicely, he’ll be ready to roll for the rescheduled dates, which will be announced soon. Some of you are still pretending that we’re playing in October or November, let me remind everyone again that we are NOT playing any shows in the US in October, and none in Europe/UK in November. EVERYTHING is being rescheduled. We’ll get the new stuff finalized and announced soon. So stop sending messages saying “Can’t wait to see you tomorrow in blah blah blah” cause it just bums us out and is just plain not true, unless blah blah blah is the Rockaway Diner, cause then you’re probably right.

Jeff got about 4000 phone calls, thanks for that. Feel free to keep calling.

Head over to Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn on the 22nd(next monday night) of this month, I’m gonna be doing a little guest DJ spot and will be spinning nonstop ’87 everything. Punk, hardcore, thrash, garage, noise, and whatever else falls under the “rock that doesn’t suck” category. Ben’s coming too and we’re gonna throw new DEP songs in the mix as the night progresses. Come out and say hi and bring gifts. It’ll be easy to find us, we’ll be the really really really good looking guys in the back…if good looking means short. John LaMacchia of Candiria/Spylacopa fame bartends, so it’s gonna be a pretty good time. We’re gonna sit around and talk about polyrhythms all night…..not.

Pssshhh….Gil Sharone was on FULL FUCKING HOUSE. Pass it on. He didn’t ever want us to see that shit but he should know better then to think we’re gonna find out about anything and let it slide. Ah fuck..this shit is rich. Seriously though don’t be embarassed man! Jeff was teenage Rudy in The Cosby Show!

So recap. Go crank the new song, preferably at maximum volume, pre-order our new record with or sans shirt, watch Gil do a cheer and talk about being chafed on Full House, come out to Lucky 13 on the 22nd, keep calling JT, and stay tuned for our new tour dates.

Kiss Kiss Hug Hug,

The Dillinger Escape Plan


Nine Inch Nails Leaves Interscope

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Nine Inch Nails has left Interscope after many conflictions, especially over the past year with the artist and the label. Here is an announcement about the release:

Hello everyone. I’ve waited a LONG time to be able to make the following announcement: as of right now Nine Inch Nails is atotally free agent, free of any recording contract with any label. I have been under recording contracts for 18 years and have watched the business radically mutate from one thing to something inherently very different and it gives me great pleasure to be able to finally have a direct relationship with the audience as I see fit and appropriate. Look for some announcements in the near future regarding 2008. Exciting times, indeed.


Chiodos Doesn’t Play Venue

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Chiodos was scheduled to play in McAllen, TX last night but refused to play because they did not like what they saw. Here’s what Craig Owens from Chiodos had to say:

To our fans in McAllen, TX

We are super sad about everything that went down yesterday and wanted to write you a note to let you know what happened. We pulled up to the venue at 1pm and were ready to load all of gear in to get set up for both shows. When we got inside, the stage hadn’t even been set up. The venue crew started putting together a stage (that looked like it was made up of tables) at 2 PM. Once everything started getting put together our manager said he didn’t feel as though it were safe for you guys, or for us to play. Our fans are more important to us than anything and we would never want to put you guys in any danger. Please know we love playing these smaller venues with smaller stages but we want to make sure everyone can have a good time safely. We PROMISE we will be back in McAllen as soon as humanly possible to make this up. We are so sorry we couldn’t play, and are just as bummed as some of you are.

With love,