The Audition – El Champion Album Details

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The Audition have recently finished up their second full-length album, El Champion. The album will be a follow-up to their 2005’s debut Controversy Loves Company. The album will feature 10 new tracks. Drummer Ryan O’Connor says “This album is more sexual, it’s a big change of pace, and I’d say it has a lot more soul too it too. Every song is a little bit different but it’s weird because they all fit together and it flows well.” He continue to add, “We wrote an album that we really love and we really believe in and there’s not a song on the record that we don’t like. We really feel like we’ve put everything into this and this is the best that we’ve done yet. We think people are really gonna enjoy it.” The Chicago based band recorded the album in a studio in Windsor, New York. El Champion is to be released at the end of January 2008 on Victory Records. Make sure to catch them on tour to get a glimpse into their new songs.

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