Chiodos Doesn’t Play Venue

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Chiodos was scheduled to play in McAllen, TX last night but refused to play because they did not like what they saw. Here’s what Craig Owens from Chiodos had to say:

To our fans in McAllen, TX

We are super sad about everything that went down yesterday and wanted to write you a note to let you know what happened. We pulled up to the venue at 1pm and were ready to load all of gear in to get set up for both shows. When we got inside, the stage hadn’t even been set up. The venue crew started putting together a stage (that looked like it was made up of tables) at 2 PM. Once everything started getting put together our manager said he didn’t feel as though it were safe for you guys, or for us to play. Our fans are more important to us than anything and we would never want to put you guys in any danger. Please know we love playing these smaller venues with smaller stages but we want to make sure everyone can have a good time safely. We PROMISE we will be back in McAllen as soon as humanly possible to make this up. We are so sorry we couldn’t play, and are just as bummed as some of you are.

With love,

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