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The Fall Of Troy just released Manipulator a few weeks ago and yet they’re already speaking up about their next album, Phantom On The Horizon. Drummer, Andrew Forsman, made a statement about Manipulator, ?We definitely wanted to explore a little more of the song-writing aspect than just putting a bunch of crazy riffs together. I mean, obviously, we?re getting older always. I think–definitely, we didn?t want to do the same album we did last time.”

Manipulator was produced by Matt Bayles and it looks like he’ll be producing their next album Phantom On The Horizon. ?Working with him was great, he?s just an awesome dude?he won?t let you suck?when we heard he was interested, we were really happy. I think we?re going to do our next album with him and he?ll probably be a bit more involved in the songwriting,” quotes Forsman.

Specifically detailing Phantom On The Horizon, ?We?ve done some demos of those songs but I think we?re going to go through and change them up a little. the plan is to redo the Ghostship Demos and we?ll probably end up writing a couple more songs, we?ve been writing a little bit right before we left [for the Deftones tour].?

No date has been released for Phantom On The Horizon, but you can look forward to another album by The Fall Of Troy in the not so distant future. It’s rare that a band looks forward so quickly after a release, but at the same time dedication and determination is proof. As for now enjoy the beauty behind Manipulator and prepare yourself for Phantom On The Horizon.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Fall Of Troy

Hometown: Mukilteo, WA
Genre: Alternative, Progressive, Hardcore
Sounds like: From First To Last, Chiodos, Portugal The Man
Current Album: Manipulator
Official Site:

The Fall Of Troy has increasingly became well known for their erratic vocal changes and tempos. These guys are amazing musicians and strong on their instruments. Playing together since they were all just 17 they have grown into a band that has evolved into a new genre. With their latest release, Manipulator scheduled to come out this Tuesday, May 1st is amazing. Don’t believe me, check out their myspace. And if you can’t get enough you have to check out Doppelg?nger. Some of my favorite songs include Semi-Fiction, I Just Got This Symphony Goin, and Macaulay McCulkin.

by: Underoath

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Vanna The Things He Carried

In 1998 Steven Tyler sustains a knee injury at Aerosmith’s concert in Anchorage, Alaska. The injury is bad enough to require surgery and force the band to postpone the 14 remaining dates of its North American tour. And in 1999 it is announced that drummer Tommy Lee has quit Motley Crue to devote time to his new band and family, following his reunion with Pamela Anderson Lee. Lee’s new band is called Methods of Mayhem.

Take it in, breathe it in even though your lungs can?t stand it

lyrics from Legends Die by Bleed The Dream
Today’s Daily Dose was created by: Anthony Montalbano 2007

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In a recent post by the band:

I am looking at the Manipulator artwork right now. There has been a CRITICAL typo in the liner notes…
One of our oldest, dearest, most talented friend Sang backup vocals on the following songs:
Cut Down All The Trees and Name The Streets After Them
The Dark Trail
Quarter Past
Oh! The Casino!?
As well as any of the keyboard/organ parts you hear. She wrote all of the keyboard parts and arranged them.
I feel absolutely terrible about this typo. I did NOT play a note of keyboards on this record. She deserves 100% credit for her contribution to the completion of this record.
We hope to bring her out when we do a headlining tour supporting Manipulator in the coming months to perform with us.
We are deeply sorry to Nouela and to anyone that plans on purchasing or listening to the songs.
Sincerely Yours,
Thomas J. Erak

You can listen to the full album in its entirety on their myspace.

So here’s a quick update of numerous artists whom have added new songs to listen:

Punk Goes Acoustic 2 has featured a few a small sampler on their myspace.

The White Tie Affair‘s new single Do I Even Need To Say It on their myspace.

Korn‘s new track I Will Protect You on their myspace.

The Fall Of Troy has leaked their full album Manipulator on their myspace. So go listen to the whole thing, yes it’s amazing.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Confession

Hometown: Orange County, CA
Genre: Hard Rock, Metal
Sounds like: Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu
Current Album: The Confession
Official Site:

The Confession comes out with a lot of energy. I recently seen them in concert this past weekend and I was very impressed. I even picked up their EP and upcoming album Requiem. The Confession sounds very similar to Avenged Sevenfold, so much that even M. Shadows of A7X guest vocals on some of their tracks. Their album Requiem is scheduled to be released on June 19th. Listen to No Angel, Dance With The Devil, and Bleed You Dry. I expect to hear more about this guys. Oh and you can see them this year at Warped Tour.

by: Escape The Fate


In 1999, In no way was there an influence on Eric Harris and Dylan Kleibold, the gunman in Littleton Colo. shooting, Marilyn Manson issues a statement: “I have been asked to comment by numerous news organizations on the Colorado school tragedy. It’s tragic and disgusting anytime young people’s lives are taken in an act of senseless violence. My condolences go out to the students and their families.”

Maybe its already too late to tell if its luck or if its fate

lyrics from Brace Yourself by Dropping Daylight
Today’s Daily Dose was created by: Anthony Montalbano 2007

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Hometown: Davison, MI
Genre: Hardcore, Emo, Rock
Sounds like: The Fall Of Troy, From First To Last,
Current Album: All’s Well That Ends Well
Official Site:

I know I’m sure majority of you are familiar with Chiodos, but I just couldn’t resist writing something about these guys. Leaving in Flint, MI for the past 6 years it wasn’t hard not to hear of Chiodos. Seeing them play locally was a real treat. And now a few years later they have sky rocketed across America. For those of you who have yet to experience Chiodos, I demand that you goto their myspace right now and have a listen. They somewhat spuratic melody changes and massive technicality it their work is hard in itself, and then to make it sound good, they do that perfectly. Craig’s voice layered over top of that just adds to the dazzle. They are currently working on their sophomore album, scheduled to be released this fall, titled Bone Palace Ballet. Until then I’ll continue to rock out All’s Well That Ends Well, three years later.

by: Alucard

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Stone Sour Through Glass

In 1992 Def Leppard scored their second UK No.1 album with ‘Adrenalize’ the follow-up to the multi million selling ‘Hysteria’ album. Also, on the same day Pearl Jam appeared on US TV show Saturday Night Live from New York City.

Only you can make me whole
Just one touch and you complete me

lyrics from You Complete Me by Stabbing Westward
Today’s Daily Dose was created by: Anthony Montalbano 2007

What is a Daily Dose?

Here’s a few different artists that have posted some new songs recently:

Secret Lives Of The Freemasons – To The Barricades (acoustic) – this song was previously recorded and unreleased, but is now available for free download.

The Fall Of Troy – Semi-Fiction – this song is featured off of TFOT new upcoming album Manipulator, coming out on May 1st.

Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer – Can’t Stand It – this song is the first new music released in a while from ZTRARD

We Are The Fury – Venus & So Physical -here are 2 new songs featured on their new upcoming album, to be released on May 22nd.

Foreverinmotion – The Clothes We Walk In – here’s a new song from the upcoming album The Beautiful Unknown

Limebeck – Limebeck – here’s their entire album up for stream, the album is out now

Hot Topic, Immortal Records, and Myspace Spring Indie Sampler – here’s a real treat, these guys have teamed up to offer you a free full download of new and upcoming tracks from a lot of hot bands, such as A Change Of Pace, The Almost, Hollywood Undead, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Hopesfall, Waking Ashland, and more!

According to Best Buy the preorder album for Manipulator has the following tracklist:

1) Cut Down All The Trees And Name Streets After Them
2) Dark Trail, The
3) Quarter Past
4) Problem?
5) Semi-Fiction
6) Oh, The Casino!
7) Sledgehammer
8) Seattlantis
9) Ex-Creations
10) Shhh! If You’re Quiet I’ll Show You A Dinosaur
11) Caught Up
12) Man A Plan, A

The album is scheduled to be released on May 1st

The Fall of Troy’s summer tour with Deftones continues to take shape. Lot’s of pre-sales and on-sales this week, beginning today with the Worcester, MA pre-sale. Here’s a complete schedule:

5/15/07 Dallas, TX – HOB – Pre-sale 10am this THURSDAY | On-sale 3/30 10am
5/16/07 Dallas, TX – HOB – Pre-sale 10am this THURSDAY | On-sale 3/30 10am
5/17/07 Corpus Christi, TX – Concrete St. Amp – Pre-sale 10 am this THURSDAY | On-Sale 3/31 10am
5/21/07 Houston, TX – Verizon – Pre-sale 10am this THURSDAY | On-sale 3/31 10am
5/22/07 New Orleans, LA – HOB – Pre-sale 10am this THURSDAY | On-sale 3/31 10am
5/23/07 New Orleans, LA – HOB – Pre-sale 10am this THURSDAY | On-sale 3/30 10am
6/7/07 Worcester, MA – Palladium – Buy Now | On-sale 3/30 10am
6/10/07 Albany, NY – Wash Ave. Armory – Pre-sale 10am this THURSDAY| On-sale 3/31 10am
6/12/07 Detroit, MI – State Theater – Pre-sale 10am this THURSDAY| On-sale 3/30 10am
6/17/07 Minneapolis, MN – Myth – Pre-sale 10am this THURSDAY| On-sale 3/31 10am
6/23/07 Salt Lake City, UT – In the Venue – Pre-sale 10 am this THURSDAY | On-sale 3/31 10am
6/24/07 Salt Lake City, UT – In the Venue – Pre-sale10 am this THURSDAY | On-sale 3/31 10am

Remember, all time are local the pre-sale password is MEIN.

The Fall of Troy
will be promoting their upcoming release, Manipulator.

The Fall of Troy posted a new song on their myspace titled Cut Down All The Trees and Name the Streets After Them. It’s featured on their upcoming album Manipulator. Make sure it pick it up in stores May 1st.

Click here to goto their myspace