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Waking Ashland Breaks Up

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Sadly Waking Ashland announced today that they will be breaking up. Here is what they had to say:

“Hey all its been a while since we’ve posted an update. I’ll get straight to the point, we have decided to not continue on with Waking Ashland. We’ve been touring for 3 years non stop and, to state the obvious, thats a long time. Over the course of the band some irreconcilable differences developed. By the end I had gotten to a point with Waking Ashland where going forward just did not make sense any more.

With that said wed like to thank everyone that has ever supported this band in any way. All of you that have come to our shows, or let us sleep on your floors, or bought our cds, bought our shirts or supported us in anyway; Thank You! Without you we would have been nothing. We hope we were able to make music that some of you guys could enjoy and we hope you will continue to enjoy. You can still get our albums in stores or from tooth and nail and immortal records.

We will all be pursuing different things and we will all continue to make music for you to hear.

Im currently in the studio in Los Angeles working on a solo EP with Michael Rosas (Smile, Satisfaction, Sherwood). Im excited to get some of these solo songs done to share with you guys. Ill be posting the EP on Itunes and on Snocap on Myspace. Immediately after that Ill be doing a solo tour on the west coast; An Angle and Its Like Love will be supporting on some of the dates.

Following that I will unveil “The Honor Roll”. Im really excited about this project, we already have a bunch of songs in the works and cant wait for you guys to listen. Dan, Joe, and I plan on going into the studio on August 22nd to record the album. Wer’e also working on a US tour for around October; Japan Ill see you in November. Look for some demos on the myspace periodically.

Ryans got some stuff that should be online soon! As soon as there’s something new from any one of the members we’ll do our best to get you guys the links.

Here are some links to the new stuff:

Thanks for the memories.”

Here’s a few different artists that have posted some new songs recently:

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Hot Topic, Immortal Records, and Myspace Spring Indie Sampler – here’s a real treat, these guys have teamed up to offer you a free full download of new and upcoming tracks from a lot of hot bands, such as A Change Of Pace, The Almost, Hollywood Undead, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Hopesfall, Waking Ashland, and more!