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Listening Party ahead….

Evergreen Terrace – Wolfbiker, off their new album, Wolfbiker

As Cities Burn – Come Now Sleep, off their new upcoming album, This Is It! This Is It!

Kelly Clarkson – Sober, she’s hot, oh and this is off her new album, My December

Reggie & The Full Effect – 2 songs, off their new album, She Loves Me Not

Tokyo Rose – Less Than 4, off their new album

I know, a short list, but thats all I got right now.

Here it is:

Marilyn Manson – Eat Me, Drink Me, stream his new album in full

A Perfect Murder – War Of Aggression, a new song of their new album, happily titled the same as this song

Darkest Hour – Demons, a new track of their upcoming release

Chris Cornell -Carry On, listen to his new album in full (leader singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave, for those who wonder)

Yellowcard – Five Becomes Four, a new song of their upcoming release

Queens Of The Stone Age – Era Vulgaris, listen to their new album, in full, free stream

Throwdown – Holy Roller, yup it’s new material for you

The Police – The Police, take a step back in time and listen to their greatest hits, released in this compilation

Tom Petty – Highway Companion, this is a new album featuring rare songs and unreleased music, free for you to stream!

Sit back and acquaint yourself to new music by the following artists:

Lorene Drive – Show Bones, a new song of their upcoming album

Strata – Stay Young, off their new album Strata Presents The End Of The World

Alkaline Trio – Fire Down Below, off of the Warped Tour Compilation

Tokyo Rose – A Pound Of Silver and We Can Be Friends Tonight, 2 songs off their new album Promise In Compromise

Silverstein – If You Could See Into My Soul, off their new album Arrivals and Departures

The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Jay Walking Backwards, off their new album Mongrel

Bedlight For Blue Eyes – Whole Again, a new song off their new album Life On Life’s Terms

Ruiner – Kiss That M’fer Goodnight, off their upcoming album Prepare To Be Let Down

Here we go:

Hawthorne Heights – Come Back Home, a new demo track

Circa Survive – On Letting Go, their entire new album up for free stream

Still Remains – The Wax Walls Of An Empty Room, a new song of their upcoming album

Portugal. The Man – 4 new songs, yeah, here’s 4 new songs off their upcoming release, Church Mouth

Project 86 – Put Your Lips To The TV, a new song off their upcoming album Rival Factions

The Number Twelve Looks Like You – Godfather, a new song off their upcoming album, Mongrel

Silverstein – If You Could See Into My Soul, off their upcoming album Arrivals and Departures

There ya go, that should get your head smilin’

So get your listening on and listen to these new tracks by a few artists:

Bad Religion – Heroes & Martyrs, off their new album New Maps Of Hell

Bedlight For Blueeyes – City And The Ghost, off their new album Life On Life’s Terms

Sullivan – Fire Away, off their new album Cover Your Eyes

Interpol – Heinrich Maneuver, off their new album Our Love To Admire

Amber Pacific – Fall Back Into My Life, off their new album Truth In Sincerity

Hidden In Plain View – Bendy, off their new album Resolution

Finally get your ears ready for this one. The Used has posted their whole new album, Lies For The Liars on their myspace.

Yeah click the link above and enjoy!

So here’s a collection of new music available to you to stream. So open those ears up and listen away:

Sullivan – The Process, off their upcoming album Cover Your Eyes

Maroon 5 – It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, listen to their upcoming album in it’s entirety

A Perfect Murder – Within, off their upcoming album War Of Aggression

Wolfmother – Please To Meet You
, a new song off of the new Spiderman 3 soundtrack

Linkin Park
on AOL Sessions, part deuce, yeah, that means its the second session, go watch!

Bad Religion – Honest Goodbye, a new song of their upcoming album Maps Of Hell

We Are The Fury – Venus, yeah their new upcoming album is available to listen in it’s entirety

Velvet Revolver – Libertad Samples, heres a few samplings to their upcoming album

Horse The Band – Murder, off their upcoming album A Natural Death

The Fold – Secrets Keep You Sick, stream their entire upcoming album, here, now

That’s all I have for now…that should occupy the next couple hours for you! Ciao.

So now that I’ve introduced you to the new category, Listening Party, it would only be right to post one right now! So here’s a few bands with some new music for your ears to bleed too:

Sullivan – F-Stop, yeah its on their myspace.

The Starting Line – Direction, a new song off their upcoming album Direction can be heard on their myspace.

The Arrival – Is This What You Call Love?…yeah their myspace.

Amber Pacific – You’re Only Young Once, here’s a new song of their upcoming album found on AltPress’s Media page.

Interpol – The Heinrich Maneuver, can be found at this link.