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The Hush Sound Updates

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The Hush Sound has recently posted a some updates about their bands progression and about the progress of an upcoming album. Read more in their myspace post:

I must tell you that i haven’t felt like a real person in about 2 years. This band has come from playing in basements to playing on 3 different continents in about 800 or so days. In between we’ve played everywhere from bakersfield california for 7 or 8 people… you know who you are.. Friends backyard parties. small clubs, big clubs, medium sized clubs, strip clubs, night clubs, golf clubs, etc.

All the while i guess i just felt less and less like a person. Sometimes i forget to feel like someone who is waiting for something. Sometimes i forget where we are… or where we are going next… i guess its sheer exhaustion and monotony (not to be confused with monopoly… a fun; but long board game). I really didn’t know how to feel good after a while. I felt uncreative and untalented. I watched the beatles anthology and they talked about how bad they were after touring for a few years… Its interesting touring makes you better and worse simultaneously… i think its because you play the same songs over and over again and even if you want to learn material you are always surrounded by other people who want their own space… etc.

anyways… We’ve been home for a couple weeks now and i started to remember what i love about being in a band, only this time its even better. I moved to the city and i’ve been more productive, creative, and excited for music than i ever have been. (that is a huge statement) I have seen the members of my band grow so much…

Greta was a little girl when we started this band… now she is truly a woman. Darren and Chris have grown too… haha… but seriously.

I’m still me… I guess most people don’t really notice themselves changing… maybe they see an old picture or read an old journal entry. And laugh out loud and be like “wow! I was wearing baggy pants!” or “i liked lorraine… and now shes insane?” and then in a couple years you’ll look at pics from now and be like.. “wow i had a see through shirt on… and you will probably be upset cuz you used to wear it all the time… and you just realized everyone could see everything… but at the time you just thought you were popular b/c you had a cool sound system…” wtf am i talking about?

Sorry… I guess what i’m trying to say is that for the first two albums i was so confused about who i was and i think expecially on like vines i had a hard time figuring it out. Like Vines was a struggle to make… we had just written an album a few months earlier and now we had to make a first album again. I felt pressured and sometimes tense. I think everyone can tell how utterly honest a song like momentum is… it was hard for me to tap into my truest feelings… i was guarded by exhaustion worry and pressure.

There were many times when our band was not getting along and it hurt us all. After a show last winter in buffalo… after touring for a year straight… yet not realizing what it was doing to my body and mainly my mind… i finished the show and started walking downtown. It was (no offense to buffaloan’s…? a little bit scary sometimes. I didn’t have a destination… i just needed to get away from everything. I didn’t plan on ending up at the greyhound station, but when i did… well… lets just say if the ticket line were shorter that tour could have very well ended that night.

After the dates we did with straylight i felt like a wreck. I was so upset and i didn’t know if i would ever write a song again. I was completely clogged in my head. I didn’t know a feeling from an inkling from a joke. I couldn’t decide what i liked… pop, jazz, rock, world… i was completely spread thin… I felt so dead when i decided that it was ridiculus for me to be in a band if i wasn’t getting better… I signed up for 2 guitar lessons and a vocal lesson… bought a bike and moved to the city.

I just started feeling alive a few days ago… maybe it is the bike rides i’ve been enjoying… even though some city drivers are pricks… or the freedom of not living with your (ever so gentle and loving… but still overbearing) parents or what… but i can’t wait to bring the songs i’ve loved writing to the band and make the best album we could possibly make!

Sorry just had to vent a little bit… i’m just lucky to be alive!


ps. lets celebrate my rebirth by listening to ernest ranglin’s song “surfin” off of the album “below the bassline”

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Ok, I’m done now, enjoy!