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A Green Day side project, Foxboro Hot Tubs released a free 6-track EP for download.

Click here to download the free EP

Listen to their myspace.

Here’s a bunch of new songs to check out by a multitude of artists:

The Hush Sound – Honey performed live. Click here to watch it on YouTube.

Sum 41 – Underclass Hero, a new song of their upcoming album can be heard on their myspace.

Amber Pacific – Truth In Sincerity, check out a sampling of every song off their new album here.

Yesterday’s Rising – Explosions, a new song of their upcoming album can be heard on their myspace.

The Spill Canvas – To Live Without It, a new song of their new EP can be heard on their myspace.

Korn – I Will Protect You, a new song of their upcoming release can be heard on their myspace.

Circa Survive – In The Morning And Amazing, download this new song of their upcoming album temporarily right here.

Goldfinger- Free Kevin Kojnaas, here is a new song you can find on their myspace.

That’s all I have right now, for free hearing that is, but for if you want to buy a couple tracks here’s a few that have been digitally released.

The Used – Liar, Liar (Burn In Hell), you can download this new track off of their new upcoming album on iTunes here.

Green Day – Working Class Hero, download this track to promote Amnesty International here.

Ok, I’m done now, enjoy!

Green Day will be covering John Lennon‘s “Working Class Hero” on the upcoming album Instant Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur. All proceeds will go to support Amnesty International’s campaign. The campaign is aimed towards the urgent catastrophe in Darfur, Sudan. “Working Class Hero” was featured on John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, album in 1970. The song was considered one of the most overtly political songs by the former Beatles, with its themes of class and social alienation. Green Day will also be shooting a music video for the song. Expect the single to be released on the radio and iTunes on April 30th.