Craig Mabbitt of Blessthefall has taken over lead vocalist for Escape The Fate.

Former signer, Ronnie Radke had left the band due to his five years probation in a fight that killed 18 year old Michael Cook..

Further details on the future of Escape The Fate still to come….

Black Tide
Black Tide
have just completed a tour of North America and Europe opening
for Avenged Sevenfold and will continue life on the road as they
approach the release of their debut album, Light From
. The band can be seen with All That Remains and
Chimaira in February and March and on the Mayhem Tour with
Slipknot and Disturbed this summer. The heavily anticipated
release from the hard rocking band will hit stores March 18th

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album, you can gear up too. The band and Red Pill Music are giving
you the chance to win a Dean MLX guitar, a Schecter
Stiletto Studio-4 bass, a Pearl Joey Jordison model
steel snare and a Coffin Case bass case.

The full length album, Light From Above, hits
stores March 2008.

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Enter Shikari Contest
Enter Shikari will
return to the U.S. to showcase why they are one
of England?s hottest properties. You can catch
the heavy breakdowns, trance rhythms, and savage
live shows as the band takes to the stage with
Aiden and A Static Lullaby.
To make sure you are kept up-to-date on all the
latest Enter Shikari news, music, videos
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The full length album Take to the Skies
is in stores now.

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The Used have recently updated us on a couple of things. First off they will be releasing an extended EP called Shallow Believer on many popular digital stores such as iTunes for download. The digital extended EP is set to be released on February 19th. Here is the artwork and tracklist:

The Used - Shallow Believer

1. dark days
2. slit your own throat
3. devil beside you
4. into my web
5. my pesticide
6. choke me
7. sun comes up
8. sick hearts
9. back of your mouth
10. tunnel

Secondly, the guys updated us on the progress of their writing and recording of a new, upcoming album and a new upcoming North America spring tour. Here is what they had to say:


We’re in the studio right now writing and recording new music and it is going great. We put up a few pics of us in the studio so check em out. In other news, we’re going to be on Love Line February 12th so peeps that if you dare aaaaaaaand………..hmmmmmmmmm………..any day now we should be getting the dates for the North American tour that starts late march. We can’t wait to hit the motha effin road. We love you so forgive us for not being on top of our page but as you just read we’re pretty busy. Also, check out I tunes for the new B sides album that was just released or is going to be really soon. It’s called Shallow Believer and it is totally bitchin. If you’re in the L.A. area we’ll see ya February 24

Love, The Used

Keep check back to for further details on The Used’s new tour and new album….

In the opening track of their new album No Really, I?m Fine, The Spill Canvas?s Nick Thomas sings, ?I?m not concerned with pleasing all those little pricks and their little scenes?. Well, he may be pleasantly surprised, because No Really, I?m Fine is well crafted and destined to please most who listen. With most alternative bands that come out today, generally those classified as emo and punk, they play the same song over and over again. The Spill Canvas is smarter than that and far too talented to let themselves do that.

The first single, ?All Over You? begins with a riff like Kelly Clarkson?s ?Since U Been Gone?, but as the song picks up, the tempo does so as well. It?s a suitable first single with major potential to break into the Top 40. ?Saved?, a song originally recorded for the Superman Returns Soundtrack, was re-recorded with Andrew McMahon of Jack?s Mannequin and Something Corporate on keys. ?Saved? is a catchy power ballad, but it sounds pretty typical from today?s alternative bands.

?Connect The Dots? is a low tempo song about getting some lovin?. It is a song that sticks out because of its drum machine beat and slow and low feel. Closing out the album is ?Lullaby?. Nick Thomas plays an acoustic guitar backed by strings to sing an honest and heartfelt song about singing the one he loves to sleep. The harmonies are perfect and the orchestration adds a lot.

All in all, nothing new from The Spill Canvas, but that is far from a bad thing considering their previous work. Nick Thomas began The Spill Canvas by himself, and with a full band and a great catalog of songs behind them, the sky is the limit. However, the sad part is they also have the potential to be overlooked.

{Reviewed by: Matt Chesley}


Album Review: The Blackout – We Are The Dynamite

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The Blackout?s full-length debut We Are The Dynamite is a strong offering from yet another Welsh post-hardcore band. Lostprophets and Funeral for a Friend have made their impact on American soil and The Blackout is looking for similar acceptance. In fact, Ian Watkins of lostprophets did guest vocal duties on the second single, ?High Tide, Baby?. ?High Tide, Baby? is one of the softer songs on WATD, which makes it a great choice for a second single. The first single was the fast paced ?Beijing Cocktail?, which is a typical hard rock song these days. It sounds like A Day To Remember without the screaming.

What does set them apart is that they use two singers. This is not a new concept, but both singers only sing. With plenty of bands today (From Autumn To Ashes, Atreyu, etc) their drummer sings melodic parts while they have a screamer up front. The Blackout uses two singers to go back and forth.

We Are The Dynamite
is honestly nothing special, but it is a fun record. Each listen gets better, but if you are unsure, check out their myspace page. They are a talented band, but far from something new.

{Reviewed by: Matt Chesley}

Faber Drive
is Canada?s equivalent to Good Charlotte. They are a lot like Simple Plan, but Canada hasn?t sent them to take over the emo scene just yet. While Canada has produced a lot of crappy artists (Celine Dion, Bryan Adams? must I go on?), Faber Drive is not one of them. But while they consider themselves punks, they sure do use a lot of acoustic guitar. Two of their three singles are acoustic tunes, and that?s really misleading. Although, they know how to write hooks. Then again, teaming up with the producers of Hinder?s ?Extreme Behavior? doesn?t hurt. That album has catchy hooks up to the neck.

The first single from Seven Second Surgery was ?Second Chance?. It lacks punch for a debut single, but the chorus is catchy enough to draw you in for more. The second single is the acoustic based ?Tongue Tied?. Another catchy song with another strong chorus, ?Tongue Tied? reached #17 on the Canadian Hot 100 chart. What is shocking is that Seven Second Surgery and its singles have not touched the U.S. charts.

The latest single is a ballad with the standard acoustic guitars and orchestra. It?s a fine song, but it?s been heard before. The strongest songs are ?Sex and Love? and ?Summer Fades To Fall?. The former is the reason they got signed, and the latter is the reason they should get airplay in the states. They are upbeat, full steam ahead punk rockers packed with; you guessed it, great hooks.

Faber Drive should not be overlooked. They will most likely be the next big act out of Canada. With a debut as strong as Seven Second Surgery, it?s hard to believe they haven?t become the next big thing already. You will definitely find yourself singing along on the second listen.
{Reviewed by: Matt Chesley}

Eric Victorino, lead singer, leaves Strata for other artistic endeavors. Read more in his own words:

following a very long period of careful consideration it is with a heavy heart but a newfound lightness in my soul, i’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time for me to leave strata and move on with other artistic endeavors.

as part of the band i got the opportunity to travel to multiple countries, play shows all over the place, meet great people and get to know the streets of so many cities from coast to coast… i am so grateful for everyone’s support and love and am indebted to you all for so much i could never repay, my only hope is that we’ll all look fondly back and smile. i am thankful to everyone who came to shows throughout the years, everyone who supported the band emotionally, personally and professionally. thank you for all of the magical moments and memories i will forever cherish.

i will continue to love and support my friends hrag, adrian and ryan in whatever it is they choose to do next, be it as a group or as individuals, musically or otherwise – we each look to the future with optimism and are in the highest of spirits.

i have watched friends of mine leave their respective bands and have seen these things take such ugly turns with rumors and rampant speculation, i’ve seen people stir up drama in what really should be looked at as a positive thing… so, i’m asking nicely of everyone involved, from fans and friends to business and family please let this be a time of growth and evolution, a celebration of the past eight years and anticipation of what’s to come.

thank you for listening.

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard any new music from Cinematic Sunrise (featuring Craig Owens of Chiodos) and well, theres light at the end of the tunnel. In a recent update they’re enlightened us with a new song on their myspace as well as details of an album. Here is an update from Craig and the guys in the studio:

hello all.

it is day 4 here in the studio for me tracking vocals. we are rocking out a total of 9 songs right now.

today bryan puked on the side of the road on the way here, and it was awesome. i filmed it, so dont worry! you’ll be seeing it soon once we stop being lazy, and post a video update from the studio.

we are almost finished with the following songs…and yes, we are re recording all of the older ones. so get your demo listens in while you can…

goodbye friendship, hello heartache.
umbrellas and elephants.
you said you loved me.
our honeymoon at weston hills.
pulling a piano from a pond.

so, we’ve got about 4 more to go. want to help us get this music out quicker? send as many Kostume Kids as you can to Bryan’s address, as soon as humanly possible.

Craig and the CinSun family.


Mozart Season is back!

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After calling it quits about a year ago, Mozart Season has recently announced their return to music and are now “back in full force”. To celebrate, they will be playing a reunion show on February 23rd, 2008 at the Underground Cafe in Roseville, CA. Check back to for more tour dates and new music details in the future.