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Finch Reuniting This Thanksgiving!

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Finch plans on reuniting this Thanksgiving playing their first show on November 23rd at the Glasshouse in Pomona, Califorinia. The band split back in February 2006 on the note that “individual priorities lie in different places.” No updates have been released on any new recordings, or other concert dates, but this is great to see these guys back together. Finch’s 2002, What It Is To Burn is a signature, classic album that any punk rocker should own, hands down. I’m interested to see where they go from here.


Daily Dose #44

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Breaking Point

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Genre: Rock / Alternative / Pop
Sounds like: Hinder, DoubleDive, and Default
Current Album: Beautiful Disorder
Official Site:

This band is pretty mellow but they have some great songs. Some of my favorites are Show Me A Sign, All Messed Up, and Goodbye To You which are all from their latest album “Beautiful Disorder” in 2005. These guys are a great band to get because they are not to hard and not to soft; they are right in the middle which I like a lot. Beautiful Disorder is just an awesome album in general; one you could listen to from start to finish.

by: DoubleDive

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Halifax Our Revolution

In 1995, R.E.M. bassist Mike Mills undergoes abdominal surgery in Germany in the midst of the band’s European tour.

By the curse of the dead,
Is to protect all your children.

lyrics from Insomniatic Meat by Finch
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