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List Of Item’s Stolen from Chevelle

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Chevelle has put a partial list of what was stolen from them a couple days ago. Here is what they had to say:

Please find below…a partial “list” of the items that were taken from us in Dallas on 5/9/07.

If anyone has any information, or is able to locate any of the items in pawn shops, people’s garages, or online… or know of any leads…please contact your police department or email:

We want to sincerely thank you in advance for keeping your eyes peeled and all your support and understanding in the time of anger, defeat, violation, and sadness. We will pull together ASAP as everyone in our camp is working diligently to get replacement items to bring you the very best show ever.

Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Gold Guitar serial # 837769
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 Black Guitar serial #160399
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 Red Guitar serial #730083
PRS Chevelle Signature White Guitar W/ Red “x” logo inlay fret marks serial #597526
PRS Custome White Baritone Guitar
PRS Custom 24 Red Guitar

3 Gibson Thunderbird BLACK Bass Guitar
2 Gibson ThunderbirdBass WHITE Bass Guitar
1 Gibson ThunderbirdBass WOOD GRAIN Bass Guitar
Mesa Boogie Recto 4 x 12, 4 x 12 bass cabinet

Pearl Copper 6 x 14 snare
Pearl Masters 18 x 22 kick drum- BLACK with Ferrari stickers
2 Pearl Masters Eliminator Double Kick – BLACK- with Ferrari Stickers
Roland TMC 6-TR1 trigger to midi converter serial #ZP40565
Pearl Masters 14 x 16 tom w/ rims- BLACK with Ferrari stickers
Pearl Masters 10 x 10 tom w/ rims- BLACK with Ferrari stickers
Masters 10 x 12 tom w/ rims- BLACK with Ferrari stickers

Shure Beta 56 Microphone
Shure Beta 54 Microphone
6 Shure Beta 98 Microphones
5 SHURE KSM137 Microphones
2 SHURE KSM141 Microphones
6 SHURE VHF wireless transmitters
2 SHURE KSM32 Microphones
Shure SM-57 vocal mic
4 Shure SM-58 vocal mic

3 Sennheiser SR-300IEM G2 in ear transmitter
serial #’s: 100448, 100382, 100397

6 Sennheiser EK-300IEM G2 in ear receiver packs
serial #’s: 103938, 100398, 100382, 103938, 100398, 100382, , 100382, 100397

3 Shure E-1 In-ear monitors
3 Shure E-5 In-ear monitors


Chevelle Gets All Their Equipment Stolen

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Today all of Chevelle’s equipment was stolen while on tour in Dallas. Here’s a post by Chevelle explaining what happened:

lets get the THIEVES

We regret to inform you that we are unable to perform our scheduled tour dates (until further notice) due to the entire trailer full of pretty much ALL our gear we own getting STOLEN TODAY 05/09/2007 from the Clarion Dallas Park Central hotel at approx 11:00 A.M.

If anyone has any information, or sees a light gray KZ Cargo trailer, with an Illinois plate 57002. Please call 911 or your local police authority.

Most items are labeled “chevelle” and if you notice anything suspicious on ebay or other online resellers selling “authentic” Chevelle items…Pete’s guitars, Dean’s basses, Sam’s drums, amplifiers, risers, backdrops, tee shirts… please call the police … or email:

Any information would be greatly appreciated…and we hope to see you soon…but it will take some time to get all our items replaced.

Thank you for your support and understanding. Lets catch these crooked &^*^%!!!

If you happen to see anything suspicious on the internet or on eBay of official Chevelle gear, report and call the police immediately. Hopefully they can find these guys quick. This is utterly disgusting.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Darling Murder

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Genre: Hard Rock, Metal
Sounds like: Bullet For My Valentine, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle
Current Album: My Darling Murder
Official Site:

It’s a sad thing to hear when a band that is just starting ends too soon. In my opinion, this is how I feel with My Darling Murder. They self-titled debut album was strong, powerful, and well, together. I was very impressed when I first heard these guys and very upset to hear that they couldn’t stay together. They still have a few songs up on their myspace and you should definitely go take a listen.

by: The Guns

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY: Destroy The Runner Saints

In 2004, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker opens a franchise of the popular restaurant chain Wahoo’s Fish Taco in Norco, Calif.

A society based on freedom, run by hate and want and greed.

lyrics from Infantry by Last Novemer
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