In light of the Halloween season, I thought it was only appropriate to update you on the status of Dee Snider’s Van Helsing’s Curse. In 2004, Van Helsing’s Curse released a monumental, frightening, and intense dark album, Occulus Infernum. The album is a Trans-Siberian Orchestra-esque Halloween album, but dark, very dark. After their debut album Van Helsing’s Curse did a few tours promoting Occulus Infernum. Many have inquired on the status of a new tour or new album. Well here it is from Dee Snider himself, an update on Van Helsing’s Curse:

My Dear Tortured Souls,

So many of you have been inquiring as to the touring status of Van Helsing?s Curse for 2007, that I felt it necessary to post this letter.

Sadly, VHC will not be performing live this year. We have the opportunity to begin work on our second CD and feel we must take this time to start what will surely be a massive undertaking. Following up ?Occulus Infernum? will not be an easy task.

I know many of you will be greatly disappointed that VHC will not be playing out this year but, if you?re not aware, ?Occulus Infernum? has been reissued on the ?Fangoria Musick? label with the original Alan Clark artwork and two new tracks: John Carpenter?s ?Halloween? and ?Cry Little Sister? from ?The Lost Boys? soundtrack (with yours truly on lead vocals). It makes the perfect ?pumpkin stuffer? this Halloween.

From everyone involved in Van Helsing?s Curse, our sincere apologies for disappointing you this year…we?ll make it up to you in 2008.

Carpe Noctem!
Dee Snider – Widowmaker Productions

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