Breaking Benjamin Tour Update

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Your favorite band and mine, Breaking Benjamin, was a no show for their Atlanta appearance yesterday and has been forced to cancel the remaining shows of their tour. Some questions and rumors arose as a result of this, like if the band is breaking up, but that is not true. Here is what Ben had to say on their website about the situation:

“What?s up guys? Just wanted to fill you in on what?s going on. I regrettably had to postpone some shows, because I?m not feeling well and haven?t felt 100% since November when I left the Godsmack tour four days early. I?m a private person, and I would like to keep my personal health to myself but I wanted to go on the record and tell everyone that this is nothing drug or alcohol related. As a matter a fact I have been completely clean and sober for 7 months. I?m working on seeing the best doctors and exploring every avenue possible to fixing this. In the meantime I?d like to say, that I appreciate the support and understanding of all Breaking Benjamin fans. You all mean the world to me. It kills me inside to have to let my fans down. But please understand that I did not choose to get sick. I?m working tirelessly to getting to the bottom of this so I can do what god put me on this earth to do.

P.S. As of yet plans have not changed for future tours nor am I aware of any plans of Breaking Benjamin breaking up.

Thank you for your understanding. I hope that we can make it up to those that we missed on this recent tour.

Much love,

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