The Bled Album Title and Updates

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The Bled recently posted to their myspace their new album title and further updates about their upcoming tour on Projekt Revolution Tour. Read more:

Hey bears

Lots of news. First off, a huge thank you to all the canadian MCR fans and of course MCR themselves for showing us an amazing time in the great white north. Everyone was really fuckin cool to us, and made a little hardcore band from az feel at home when we were totally out of our element ( we usually don’t get the opportunity to bang our heads in soldout arena’s ). We can’t wait to come back up and grab some harvey burgers and timbits with ya’lls.

We are proud to be a part of this years zumiez couch tour, starting tomorrow at fiesta mall in mesa az, and then again on saturday the 9th in dallas (plano) texas at windhaven mall. Both shows are free and will have an awesome skateboard demonstration. So come out and mall rat it up with us, I’ll teach you how to kickflip.

After that we will be enjoying a month and a half off before embarking on one of the craziest and most diverse tours we’ve ever been a part of. PROJEKT REVOLUTION will span the entire US and feature the talents of LINKIN PARK, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, TAKING BACK SUNDAY, HIM, PLACEBO, SAOSIN and a few others. Basically, there is something for everybody on this tour so don’t blow it.

Immediately after that we will be joining up with 2 of our favorite bands to tour with THE USED and SAY ANYTHING on the “ROCKSTAR presents Get A Life Tour”. And then its off to Australia and new zealand on international taste of chaos tour which also features our friends in The Used, we can’t get enough of those dudes. As you can see we are well on our way to covering the globe on our summer/fall tours. Stay tuned and check up on our myspace page (www.myspace.com/thebled) for exact dates and details.

Oh yeah, and we recently finished recording our new disc with brian mcternan in baltimore md. The record is called Silent Treatment and will feature 11 new songs. I’m not gonna barage you with a bunch of adjectives and cliche descriptions of what it sounds like, but just know that we are more confident and excited to be in this band now because of this record. There was a time that I wasn’t sure if we knew how to write this kind of music anymore, but once we got started what came out was so natural and raw that we have been reinvigorated as friends and as artists. We are very proud and hope that you guys get into it as much as we are. I don’t have many details as far as a release date, but we expect Silent Treatment to hit stores in the early fall. Again, check our myspace page for details, we will update that shit as it comes along. Thanks again for reading all this, and keeping up with what’s going on in our world. See you guys real freakin soon.

Love jeremy ray,

The Bloodies.

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