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Here’s the press release for The Receiving End Of Sirens new album The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi:

The Receiving End of Sirens is gearing up to release their second studio album, The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi, out August 7th on Triple Crown Records. Produced by Matt Squire (Panic at the Disco, Boys Like Girls, Hit The Lights), this album is the band’s most altruistic, enthralling and skillful work to date.

The initiative behind this record has allowed TREOS (Alex Bars-vox/gutiar, Brendan Brown-vox/bass, Andrew Cook-drums, Nate Patterson-guitar/keys, Brian Southall- guitar) the lucidity to create more sophisticated sounds. The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi, is an artfully driven aural experience – built up of synergetic instrumental measures and intense lyrics that flow brilliantly transcending one song to the next. ?I think the songs on this album are a lot more selfless,? Brown explains when asked how he considers the album a progression from the band?s debut. ?Instead of projecting what we wanted onto a song we just let it sort of play itself out, so I think there?s a lot more space and groove,? he continues. ?The idea was that the song was already out there in outer space; it was just our job to put the pieces together.?

?Smoke and Mirrors? vital melodies, massive guitar riffs, and commanding drums is the highlight track on the album. ?A Realization of the Ear? and ?Swallow People Whole? fully realize the electronic elements that have always been inherent in the band?s sound to add a new dimension to their seasoned brand of critically acclaimed music; the nearly seven-minute long opus ?The Heir Of Empty Breath? is equal parts climactic and cathartic and shows the band stretching out both sonically and spiritually. ?This time around, we were more comfortable with ourselves as people, and as a band. We had a few years to figure it out, and when it came time to write this record, we felt prepared and confident in what we were doing, and we hope that shows,? says drummer, Cook.

The title, The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi stems from a book written by a late 16th century astronomical theorist by the name of Johannes Kepler and the publication just fascinated the band. Kepler?s theory suggested that each of the 9 planets in our solar system produced tones as they orbited the sun. Throughout the orbit, Venus would stay a consistent note that was considered the 6th in relation to the rest of the planets. As Earth would shift its tonality, it would create the effect of the notes moving from the major 6th to the minor 6th and back and forth. This is where the ?Mi Fa Mi? comes into action, symbolizing the corresponding syllables when singing a scale in relation to the notes of the earth {Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do}. Kepler further concurred that the Earth ?singing? Mi Fa Mi could truly stand for Misery, Famine, Misery and ultimately, that is the song the Earth and Venus continued to sing. Misery, referring to an empty place and Famine, referring to the appetite or thirst for things.

The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi, is proof that The Receiving End of Sirens have immensely matured as composers, musicians and lyricists in the two years since their last album. Having been well-received on tours alongside everyone from Thrice and Circa Survive to Paramore and Senses Fail, The Receiving End of Sirens are not your typical flash in a pan band, they are career artists. ?At this point, I feel like every person who buys our record is a lifelong fan of the band,? Brown summarizes. ?That may not be the easiest way to do things, but it?s the only way we know.? The band plans to headline with support from Emanuel, Envy On The Coast, Hopesfall, and Strangler on various dates. (August – September)

The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi
1. Swallow People Whole
2. Disappear (Oubliette)
3. The Crop and the Pest
4. The Salesman, The Husband, The Lover
5. Smoke and Mirrors
6. A Realization of the Ear
7. Saturnus
8. Wanderers
9. Stay Small
10. Music of the Spheres
11. The Heir of Empty Breathe
12. Pale Blue Dot

For more information, please check out www.theearthsingsmifami.com or www.myspace.com/thereceivingendofsirens and stay tuned for tour dates!

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