Many people have been confused with the song title that Chiodos played on the Taste Of Chaos. They announced on tour the song was called “I’m naming my kids beer one and beer two”. Then they posted the song on their myspace as untitled. Well to clear things up Chiodos has finally titled the track “Teeth The Size Of Piano Keys”. Oh, and if you’re curious about the lyrics, sing along:

” i dropped all of my lovers.
i stood up and screamed ‘ I’m in love! ‘

you gave it to me through the eyes, hatred.
centuries deep and true.
i was wrong, graceless, and sick.
all of the things that i had learned had been wasted.

there was no living creature as foul as i,
and all of my poems were false.
i could feel my soul, dropping down through the mattress.
i had to leap up before it hit the floor.
and I’m so alone.

illumination held out in front of my reaching arms.
the darker things get the better i see.
I’m so alone and so are you,
we all live and die that way. “

You can find this new song on their upcoming album Bone Palace Ballet.

One Response to “Chiodos Names New Song From Bone Palace Ballet”

  1. Anonymous said on June 14th, 2007 at 9:54 am:

    Hey Chiodos, I’m from Bath County Kentucky about 45 minutes away from Lexington, My dad lives in Lexington and I tought that it would be awesome for you guys to play before you leave! By the way I seen you at Headliners in Louisville back at the begaining of this year you were showing with Devil wears Prada, Jeny, and not quite super heros, It was awesome! And I love your new song beer one and beer to, well I can’t wait till your new Cd hits stores, Ill’e be one of the first to buy it…Love you guys