Motion City Soundtrack upcoming album updates

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Here’s some updates and rumors cleared up by Motion City Soundtrack. They recently posted this via myspace:

Hi everyone, hope all is well. Anyone catch The Great American Freedom Machine at Bamboozle over the weekend? We heard that they were pretty good, but we also heard that they ripped off a lot of our material. Damn them!

Speaking of Bamboozle, we heard that there were a lot of rumors floating around regarding our new album. Well, we just want to set the record straight: To put it simply, the album will be out on Tuesday, September 18. Any artwork, track listings, or other info regarding Even If It Kills Me that you may have heard, seen, or read is not necessarily what you will find come September 18. Maybe, but not necessarily. Everything is still in the works… That’s the truth and nothing but the truth kids!

Lastly, almost all of the presale tickets that went on sale yesterday are gone. There are a few tickets left in a couple of markets, but they’ll surely be gone any minute now, so don’t wait. Go a here to take advantage of the presale.

Thanks much (and as always) for your support!

Matt, Tony, Jesse, Josh, Justin

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