Between The Buried And Me Album Update

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Some recent news was posted by Dan of Between The Buried And Me:

Hey guys…

We are just about done writing for our next record. We start tracking the last day of this month and we’ll be in there all of May. We’re all really excited about the new material and cant wait to start playing it out. Our summer tour plans are still up in the air, but we do plan on being out after we’re done recording. It got real cold and briefly snowed the other night in NC (what the hell??). We’re all kind of sick because of it, but nothing a little Emergen-C cant cure!

And I swear the bass book is ALMOST done!! I’m just going over everything right now and making sure it’s correct and then it’s off to the printing press. Believe me I want it done as much as you do!

So hang tight, you’ll be hearing from us before too long. Expect some studio updates…


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