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The Crash Motive would like to extend the chance for you to win a Fender Squier Guitar autographed by The Crash Motive. Here’s how to do so:

Remember mix tapes? Those 90 minutes of pure bliss found in the very best blend of songs that your record collection had to offer? You wowed your friends at parties and were always the DJ on road trips. Well, if the digital age has kiboshed your skillz, this contest is your chance to get back to your roots. Don’t give up on the quest for a good mix!

Enter the “Not Giving Up” iMix contest! One lucky fan will take home a Fender Squier Guitar autographed by The Crash Motive! Three runners up will receive a signed copy of the debut album Consequence and a T-shirt! All you have to do is submit an iMix including one of the twelve songs from Consequence and all the rest are your choice! The Crash Motive will choose their favorite! Don’t let the art of the mix tape die…Enter Now!

Click here to enter the contest!