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Seether‘s latest upcoming release Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces is available for full stream at this link here:

Make sure to pick up their new album which drops on October 23rd.

Rock band Seether and Wind-up records have announced the tracklisting of “Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces”. Seether’s third studio album for the label will be released on October 23, 2007. In just five weeks at radio, the lead single “Fake It” is already #4 on the Active Rock chart, and #8 at Alternative. Check out the complete tracklisting:-

1. “Like Suicide”
2. “Fake It”
3. “Breakdown”
5. “Fallen”
6. “Rise Above This”
7. “No Jesus Christ”
8. “6 Gun Quota”
9. “Walk Away From The Sun”
10. “Eyes of the Devil”
11. “Don’t Believe”
12. “Waste”

The South African ?migr?s, who now live in the Los Angeles area, are coming off three consecutive gold certified studio albums, including debut “Disclaimer” and “Karma & Effect”. The new album titled “Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces” will be the band’s third US studio recording of new material. Singer Shaun Morgan offered, “We didn’t restrict ourselves to straight rock songs, and we were completely open to new ideas. This is not by any stretch of the imagination a concept album, nor is it a ‘woe is me, I’m sober’ album. We explored our melodic side a little bit more, and as a result, I believe this is our best collective effort to date. It may come as a surprise to some, but we feel like we’ve grown and are starting to find our place with regard to the sound of the band.”

Seether will be releasing a new album, Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces, this upcoming October 23rd. Their first single “Fake It” will be released on the radio August 28th. Further album details are still to come, check back later or subscribe to for exclusive emails and up to the minute news.