Serj Tankian, frontman to System Of A Down will be releasing a solo album titled Elect The Dead on October 22nd. The album was entirely self produced and recorded in Tankian’s home studio in 2006. Guest appearances on the album were made by former Primus and Guns N’ Roses drummer Bryan Mantia and System Of A Down’s John Dolmayan.

Tankian had the following to say about his solo album, “I was writing more traditional type songs on my piano and acoustic guitar, but low and behold, it ended up being a rock record. There is more instrumental depth – more pianos, acoustics and string arrangements. Stylistically it touches upon classical music and Spanish gypsy vibes while still remaining schizophrenic and dramatic within a single song. There are political songs, funny songs, love songs, songs about painful experiences, vanity, and the environment, it has a deep melancholy that runs from the personal to the global, with a glimmer of hope in the solidarity of spirit.”

Elect The Dead will start with a digital download single, Unthinking Majority, on August 7th and followed by a physical single, Empty Walls, on October 15th. The album will be released through Serjical Strike/Warner Bros. records.

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