Matt from Motion City Soundtrack updates us on why they had to move their upcoming album release date back, significantly back:

i’m sorry this has all been so confusing. well, the truth is that the release date HAS been pushed back to september 18. we really wanted to hurry and get the record out on july 17, but it was proving to be more difficult as time went on. if i remember correctly, a bunch of you predicted that we’d be putting a record out around september-time and were REALLY surprised when you found out we chose july 17. well, you were right. we should have gone with YOUR guts. haha.

anyway, pushing the date back was the last thing we wanted to do – mainly out of respect for all of you. if it makes any difference, we feel a lot better having a little more time to breathe and more time to make final decisions. the bottom line is, we’re REALLY happy with the way everything is headed and we don’t want to rush anything just to meet a deadline.

thanks to each and everyone of you for understanding and for sharing your concerns. the last thing we wanted to do was upset the most important people in our careers (that’s YOU GUYS!).”

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